NVIDIA Officially Launches the RTX 4090D: 14592 CUDA Cores, 24GB of G6X Memory, 425W TDP & No Overclocking Support

The wait has finally come to a close as NVIDIA just announced the RTX 4090D for the Chinese market. For the past few weeks, the RTX 4090D has been a subject of concern in light of the US sanctions on China. This GPU is the RTX 4090 replacement for the Chinese market, since officially, RTX 4090s can no longer be sold in the region.

RTX 4090D Launched in China

The RTX 4090D is exclusive for the Chinese community and costs the same as the RTX 4090 originally did. Moreover, it features a slightly cut-down AD102 chip, fewer Tensor cores, and no OC support, all that to comply with US regulations.

Getting straight to the specs, the RTX 4090D hosts the AD102-250 chip with 114 SMs. This results in 14592 CUDA cores, 11% lower than the RTX 4090. Likewise, the Tensor core count sees a hit, dropping down from 512 to 456 for a 10% reduction.

RTX 4090D Specifications | NVIDIA China

The memory clocks remain almost similar, though notably, the RTX 4090D has a 45MHz higher base clock. In terms of memory, we see 24GB of G6X memory (21Gbps) over a 384-bit memory bus for 1008 GB/s of bandwidth, mirroring the RTX 4090.

Scrapped Features & Pricing

All formalities aside, the RTX 4090D has no support for overclocking, so Chinese users must keep this in mind before emptying the bank. The Default TGP is also 25W lower, at 425W, which isn’t that much concerning.

RTX 4090D Starting Price | NVIDIA China

What is concerning is the price. The RTX 4090D is priced at 12,999 Chinese Yuan, equivalent to $1820. Board partners will also soon unveil their designs, which should remain similar to their global RTX 4090 counterparts.

Source: NVIDIA China


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