NVIDIA RTX 4090 Is Already In Production, En Route For Arrival This Year

Harukaze on Twitter shared a leaked image from Baidu which shows that NVIDIA’s upcoming Lovelace based RTX 4090 is already in production. As per the image, manufacturing has been ongoing since the 16th of August, so just 8 days ago. 

There is no mention of other GPUs such as the possible Titan or the 4080. We may see NVIDIA announcing their 4090 first due to their remaining Ampere supply.

RTX 4090 in Production | Baidu

The more leaks, the better eh? Another image shows the GPU (AD102). It is not officially confirmed that the 4090 will use the AD102 GPU along with 24GB of memory. This GPU variant itself 3 DPs (Display Ports) and 1 HDMI port. This may be the FE (Founders Edition) variant from NVIDIA.

We do not know which fab is currently producing this as it has been pixelated(blurred). 

RTX 4090 In Production | Baidu


The leaks didn’t exactly give us any performance metrics, however, for those that want a comparison. In TSE, the RTX 4090 allegedly scores ~19,000 points. This is almost 2.7x-3x the 3080.

RTX 4090 Score in TSE

A Discrepency

We now have the ‘leaked‘ total card power for the RTX 4080 and the RTX 4070. But, NVIDIA is rumoured to release these GPUs next year. So, what about the TDP for the RTX 4090? We still do not have any word on that. 

Possible Release

NVIDIA is looking to announce its GPUs sometime in September. Back with Ampere, two years ago at the same time and date, we knew quite a lot about RTX 3000. However, NVIDIA has been secretive this time. Expect a release in OctoberNovember.

Lovelace Leaked Lineup

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