Original RTX 4090 Triple-Fan Cooler Surfaces, Available for $93,000

Harukaze has shared a listing from Goofish where user Hayaka has put up a prototype RTX 4090 cooler for sale. The listing mentions this cooler as a possible candidate for the RTX 4090 ES / RTX 4090 Ti or the RTX Titan. Although, we have received clarification that this cooler was indeed once planned for the RTX 4090.

RTX 4090 Triple-Fan Prototype Cooler

We can see a fan hidden inside on disassembling the cooler, possibly to enhance cooling. This makes this variant a triple-fan configuration, though from the outside users can only see two visible fans.

RTX 4090 Triple Fan Design | Goofish

The cooler spans 4-slots wide, which is significantly larger than the currently RTX 4090 (3-slots). Maybe this was a high-end configuration made by NVIDIA for a possible RTX 4090 Ti / Titan. Placing this behemoth on a typical RTX 4090 might have been too overkill so NVIDIA probably decided to scrap the design before it saw the day of light.

Moreover, the user mentions that the 16-pin slot has been extended to the bottom PCB. It is difficult to know what this actually means without a proper teardown. However, after comparing this to a disassembled RTX 4090 FE, the 16-pin power connector has been adjusted slightly.

Hayaka also mentions that this model boasts a 22 heat pipe configuration and heat dissipation has been defined as ‘Violent‘. It appears that the PCB has been repositioned and the 16-Pin connector has been wound around the heatsink via wires, making for a very interesting design choice.

RTX 4090 Prototype Design | Goofish

Only a Prototype Design

We already know that the RTX 4090 Ti / RTX Titan has been canceled. The RTX 4090 is the highest end Ada Lovelace GPU, provided no refresh occurs. As stated above, this design was probably made for the RTX Titan, then shifted to the RTX 4090 and completely axed since it was too chonky for even the the Ada kingpin.

The listed price is 666666 Chinese Yuan which translates to almost 93000 USD. This may be a placeholder, however, this prototype cooler is indeed one of a kind, justifying its price.


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