NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti Launching On The 5th Of January

Just recently, hardware leaker MEGAsizeGPU confirmed that NVIDIA’s RTX 4070 Ti will launch on January 5, 2023. To recap, the RTX 4070 Ti is the rebranded version of NVIDIA’s now-canceled RTX 4080 12GB, more about that here

RTX 4070 Ti

While showcasing a box for NVIDIA’s RTX 4070 Ti, MEGAsizeGPU also gave us a seemingly confirmed release date. Apart from the release date, no price has been specified. 

CES 2023 will take place just one day prior to this specified date. Therefore, it appears that NVIDIA will be announcing and launching these GPUs on the same day. What’s weird is that we still do not know much about the RTX 4070, which is expected to launch earlier than the 4070 Ti.

As for the pricing, it will surely be lower than $899 although the exact price is hard to pinpoint. The pricing will vary significantly based on how Navi32 performs. Either way, NVIDIA will most likely opt for the $699-749 price point. This indeed is on the higher side of things, however, NVIDIA has nothing to fill the gap between the $749 (4070 Ti) – $1199 (4080 16GB) territory. This potentially opens room for AMD to devour NVIDIA’s market share.


The RTX 4070 Ti ships with 12GB of GDDR6X memory running across a 256-bit bus granting it an effective bandwidth of 672GB/s.

Packed with NVIDIA’s cutting-edge AD104 GPU, expect no compromise in terms of gaming performance. The CUDA Core stands at 7680 CUDA cores. Surprisingly, this GPU clocks higher than the RTX 4080 at 2.61GHz with base clock speeds of 2.31GHz

In terms of power draw, it has a 285W TDP which puts it in a very enticing position as most gamers will not need to upgrade their PSUs in order to kit their systems with this GPU. All yours, starting from the 5th of January

SKUChipFP32/CUDASMsMax ClockCacheMemory BusVRAMMemory SpecSpeed (Gbps)TDP
RTX 4000 TitanAD102-450184321443.0GHz+?96MB?384/382-bit48GBGDDR6X24~800W
RTX 4090 TiAD102-350181761423.0 GHz?96MB382-bit24GBGDDR6X24600W?
RTX 4090AD102-300-A1163841282.52GHz96MB384-bit24GBGDDR6X21
450W+ (TGP) / 660W (Max TGP)
RTX 4080 TiAD102148481162.7 GHz?80MB?320-bit20GBGDDR6X23420W
RTX 4080 AD103-300-A19728762.505GHz64MB256-bit16GBGDDR6X22.5
320W(TGP)/ 516W (Max TGP)
RTX 4070 Ti (4080 12GB Revamped)AD104-400-A17680602.61GHz48MB192-bit12GBGDDR6X21
285W (TGP) /366W (Max TGP)?
RTX 4070 AD104-300?7168562.61GHz?48MB?192-bit/160-bit12GB?GDDR6X21?250W
RTX 4060 TiAD1046656523.2 GHz?40MB?160-bit10GBGDDR6X (?)18200W

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