RTX 4060 Tested in OpenCL & Vulkan, Slower Than the RTX 3060 Ti in Both APIs

Just a few days before launch, reviewers have already put NVIDIA’s RTX 4060 to the test. As highlighted by Benchleaks on Twitter, the RTX 4060 has been tested in Geekbench across the OpenCL and Vulkan APIs. To be quite frank, the performance is not enticing by any means and shows no price-to-performance improvement. Let’s go over the RTX 4060’s performance.

RTX 4060 in OpenCL

Starting with OpenCL, the RTX 4060 was paired with an i5-13600K and 32GB of DDR5-6000 memory. The test bench for both tests remains the same, making it clear that they emanate from the same source.

RTX 4060 Test Bench | Geekbench

The RTX 4060 manages to attain 105630 points in the OpenCL test, which is behind the RTX 3060 Ti. It is quite disappointing to see the RTX 4060 fail to beat its Ampere competitor, the RTX 3060 Ti. In most generations, the new XX60 class GPU can outperform or match the last-gen XX70 tier GPU, but Ada Lovelace has seemed to break that trend.

RTX 4060 in OpenCL | Geekbench

Against various GPUs, the RTX 4060 in OpenCL falls somewhere near an RX 6750 XT, but probably not in raw raster performance. It is slower than the RTX 3060 Ti and slightly faster than the Turing RTX 2070 Super.

RTX 4060 Comparison in OpenCL | Geekbench

RTX 4060 in Vulkan

Moving over to the next API, the RTX 4060 falls short of the 100,000 barrier in Vulkan. Since this number doesn’t tell the entire story, let’s move over to the Vulkan comparison.

RTX 4060 in Vulkan | Geekbench

As stated above, the RTX 4060 will have a hard time beating the RX 6750 XT. In Vulkan, the RTX 4060 is a tad faster than the RX 7600, but that’s expected. We suspect both GPUs to have similar levels of performance, but that remains to be seen at launch. The RTX 4060’s performance can be slightly higher, but its primary advantage comes from Frame Generation.

RTX 4060 Comparison in Vulkan | Geekbench

The Takeaway

The RTX 4060 has failed to impress both leakers and reviewers from a specifications standpoint. However, as more performance benchmarks start to leak, it becomes clear that this GPU was exactly what it seemed at first. In any case, it is the first $300 GPU by NVIDIA since Ampere, if we don’t count the RTX 3050.

Then again, we have seen AMD’s RX 6600 go below the $200 price point, which as per the community is an absolute steal compared to these GPUs. All in all, the RTX 4060 has adequate performance, but there are better last-gen options available in the market.

Sources: OpenCL, Vulkan


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