NVIDIA RTX 4050 Laptop GPU Benchmarked, 20% Faster Than The RTX 3050 Ti

It appears that laptop manufacturers are already testing NVIDIA’s Lovelace mobile SKUs for their laptops. Over at Pugetbench, a benchmark has surfaced showcasing the RTX 4050 paired with Intel’s upcoming i7-13700H. We caught a glimpse of the RTX 4050 a while back.

RTX 4050 Mobile

NVIDIA’s RTX 4050 will use the AD107 chip akin to Ampere’s RTX 3050. Things may change if NVIDIA makes last-minute changes as we can only speculate for now. This GPU will likely arrive with at least 8GB of G6X/G6 memory. Apart from that, not much is currently known. 

For today’s leak, we have a laptop from Samsung equipped with both Intel’s and NVIDIA’s latest upcoming products. Starting off, the new ‘Samsung Galaxy Book Pro‘ makes use of the i7-13700H which was benchmarked a while back. Both today’s and the previous benchmark have been conducted on the same machine. Alongside that, we know that this laptop is powered by 16GB of 6400MHz memory using the Windows 11 OS.

RTX 4050 Laptop Benchmark | PugetBench

The most interesting part about today’s leak is the RTX 4050. This GPU managed to score 57.4 points in the Pugetbench test. It is quite hard to compare this score against other GPUs like the RTX 3050 due to the variation in power limits. Although, the RTX 3050 Ti obtained 48.9 points in the same test. So the RTX 4050 is a ~20% improvement over the 3050 Ti.

Quite frankly, the laptop in question is indeed a powerful gaming laptop. The TDP limits can cause a huge variation in the score but we’ll consider this GPU to be a moderate improvement over last-generation. Still, other inclusions like DLSS 3.0 will increase its appeal to mainstream consumers. 

Release Date

While we cannot confirm the release date of the laptop, the RTX 4050 mobile SKU may be unveiled sometime around next year. A CES announcement is probable, although we doubt NVIDIA will introduce the lowest-end Lovelace chip this early. 


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