Some RTX 40 SUPER GPUs Still Use the Controversial 12VHPWR Connector, Despite A Newer Revision Already in the Market

Wxnod reports that some AICs or (Add in Card) partners are still resorting to the old and faulty 12VHPWR power connector for their RTX 40 Super GPUs. This is occurring even though a newer and improved 12V-2×6 version is already available in the market.

Moreover, the user has also provided us with two distinct images of the connectors so we can easily differentiate one from the other.

Your GPU Could Still Use the ‘Old’ 12VHPWR Power Connector

Identifying both connectors is actually not that difficult. The new revision is demarcated with an ‘H++‘ tag, whereas the old 12VHPWR resorts to ‘H+‘. The former (newer model) can output a max of 675W of power, with the latter going as high as 600W.

The second part of this report suggests that a few RTX 40 Super series models still use the old, 12VHPWR (H+) power connector. While the AIBs remained unmentioned, this can lead to potential issues since the old connector was notorious for being extremely sensitive. We saw boatloads of dead RTX 4090s, with a majority of them being linked to the faulty design of the 12VHPWR connector.

One may blindly buy a new RTX 40 Super GPU, thinking this issue must’ve been alleviated by now. This also puts NVIDIA in the spotlight since custom GPUs from AIBs should need NVIDIA’s approval before launch.

The 12V-2×6 connector supersedes 12VHPWR by ironing out many of its predecessor’s faults. The pins have now been cut down and made more conductive. Hardware Busters, after analyzing the new design concluded that the 12V-2×6 connector maintains a stable temperature, even when improperly inserted, something which was previously termed as ‘User Error‘.

The silver lining is that these GPUs have much lower TGPs than the RTX 4090, a key affectee of the melting catastrophe. If the temperature is kept in check, the chances of your GPU melting should be negligible.

However, the point remains. If your (an RTX 40 Super user) anxiety levels are off charts, try taking the cooler off to check the whether the connector is marked as H+ or H++ (This may void your warranty).

Source: Wxnod


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