We May See Another RTX 3060, This Time with the GA104 GPU & GDDR6X Memory

The ever-lasting saga of NVIDIA relaunching Ampere GPUs until stock dries out continues. This time, the RTX 3060 is being refreshed, well re-refreshed. Apparently, NVIDIA is keen on launching the RTX 3060 with an upgraded GA104 GPU and faster GDDR6X memory.

RTX 3060 GA104

For reference, the first-ever RTX 3060 was based on the GA106 GPU (Without bothering with the different LHR variations). NVIDIA then decided to announce another RTX 3060 quite recently, but with 8GB of memory. We all probably know how that GPU performed.

T4C Fantasy, the maintainer of the TechPowerUP GPU database claims that another RTX 3060 is en route. In the specs department, this GPU utilizes the GA104 GPU (Similar to the 3060 Ti) and uses GDDR6X memory. The higher-end GPU and faster memory will lead to higher power consumption levels, that’s a given.

This SKU should deliver performance similar to the RTX 3060 Ti, courtesy of the G6X memory. In any case, this is merely a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt. Furthermore, various variations of a particular GPU are made before the actual retail variant is developed. It could be possible that this RTX 3060 is merely an engineering sample that may never see the light of day.


Abdullah Faisal

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