[UPDATED] NVIDIA Launches the RTX 3050 6GB With 2304 CUDA Cores, 70W TDP & Requires No Power Connectors at $169

NVIDIA has formally revealed the RTX 3050 6GB, after countless premature listings and Press Releases from AIB partners. The RTX 3050 6GB packs 10% fewer cores and cuts the TDP in half as compared to its 8GB brother. Moreover, the bus width takes a drastic hit to just 96 bits, severely limiting the effective bandwidth. Though at $169, we can make an exception for low-form factor budget builds.

RTX 3050 6GB: No External Power Connectors, But at What Cost?

MSI listed two models of the RTX 3050 6GB at Mindfactory priced at £185. This roughly translates to around $179 (Minus the VAT), in line with our previous article, though the official MSRP is $169.

Gigabyte also issued a Press Release regarding custom models for the RTX 3050 6GB, including the RTX 3050 EAGLE OC and the RTX 3050 OC Low Profile 6G. Importantly, Gigabyte made sure not to list any specifications but the GPU renders from MSI show no power connector slot. Hence, we can infer that the RTX 3050 6GB will be powered entirely through the PCIe slot (75W).

  • RTX 3050 6GB | MSI via Videocardz

Fret not, for we also have a render of the GA107-325 GPU used in the RTX 3050 6GB. A user at Goofish put up a listing for a broken RTX 3050 6GB, primarily for parts replacement, however, it gives us a nice glimpse at the GPU die.

RTX 3050 6GB GA107-325 GPU Die Shot | Goofish

Specifications & Pricing [Updated]:

In terms of specifications, the RTX 3050 6GB offers 2304 CUDA Cores, that is 18 SMs, 10% lower than the RTX 3050 8GB. The GPU is rated at base and boost clock speeds of 1.04GHz and 1.47GHz, quite lower than the 1.55GHz and 1.78GHz seen on the 3050 8GB. Furthermore, NVIDIA has also confirmed the narrow 96-bit memory interface, so don’t expect miracles at higher resolutions.

RTX 3050 6GB Specifications | NVIDIA

The extremely limited power target at just 70W can hamper performance quite significantly, though it should make for some cute LP-GPU models. Likewise, NVIDIA recommends just a 300W PSU for the RTX 3050 6GB, suitable for mini-ITX builds.

According to Wccftech who are reporting directly from NVIDIA, the RTX 3050 6GB is priced at $169. Custom models from AIB partners can vary in price, including the likes of ASUS, Colorful, Gainward, GALAX, GIGABYTE, INNO3D, KFA2, MSI, Palit, PNY and ZOTAC.

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