How to root the Huawei Y550

The Huawei Y550 is an entry-level Android device that was released some time ago, but has remained popular among Android enthusiasts for its performance and battery life. Because it’s an older yet still popular device, there have been many modifications and custom ROMs made available for the Huawei Y550, so it’s a fun back-up device for tinkering around on without bricking your main device.

In this guide I will show you how to easily root the Huawei Y550. As with nearly all Huawei devices, there is a bureaucratic bootloader unlocking process, but once that’s taken care of you can flash everything else in a cinch.


  1. First you will need your bootloader unlocked. You can get this by emailing Huawei:
  2. Simply state your request for a bootloader unlock code, and provide the following info in your email:
  • Serial Number + IMEI – located underneath the battery of the device.
  • Product ID – dial *#*#1357946#*#* on your phone app to display the product ID.
  • Model: HUAWEI Y550-L01
  1. It may take a few days to receive a response, just be patient as they probably receive a ton of requests each day.
  2. Once you have your bootloader unlock code from Huawei, turn off the device and boot into Fastboot Mode with Volume Down + Power.
  3. Now connect your Huawei Y550 to your PC via USB, and let the drivers install.
  4. Now go into your main ADB folder on your computer, hold Shift + right click and choose “Open command window here”.
  5. Now type in the ADB terminal: fastboot oem unlock xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx – replace the x’s with your actual unlock code. Your bootloader should now be unlocked.
  6. Now you need to copy the TWRP .img file to the same directory as ADB, and boot into fastboot mode again.
  7. Type into ADB: fastboot boot TWRP_y550_20150130.img
  8. This will boot into TWRP recovery, but it’s not actually installed on your device yet – it’s just running it from the ADB directory on your computer.
  9. To permanently install TWRP on the Huawei Y550, type into your ADB terminal: fastboot flash recovery TWRP_y550_20150130.img
  10. Once TWRP is successfully installed on your device, we are now ready to root with SuperUser.
  11. Go ahead and copy the SuperUser .zip to your SD card if you haven’t done so already, and boot into TWRP recovery. Choose Install > select the, and swipe to flash it. When it’s done flashing, simply Reboot > System.
  12. The first boot after rooting your device may take up to 15 minutes, just leave your device alone until its completely booted into the Android system.

You can check root status with an app like Root Check from Google Play Store.

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