What is Reedsy & Is It Worth It for Book Publishing in 2024?

Gone are the days when writers struggled to get their books published. In 2024, writers can self-publish using different platforms. In this article, we will talk about Reedsy, a platform that can be used for complete book writing from starting to publishing. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into it.

What is Reedsy?

Book writing is a complex and lengthy process, but Reedsy simplifies it. From manuscript to something presentable, there are a lot of stages, and Reedsy will help you in all of them. It is a platform full of resources required, may it be book editors, marketers, publishers, or AI writing tools that take your writing to the next level. Just make an account, have a general idea, and start writing your dream book.

How To Use Reedsy

There is no specific method for using Reedsy as it is a vast resource. You can start by writing your book or using its services in between for second opinions, or just use the platform for publishing your book.

1. Becoming a Better Writer

Let’s say you are a newbie in book writing and want to get a general idea of the prerequisites. You can utilize the free courses available on the platform. These 10-day courses will guide you regarding the basics of book writing, organizing your content, bringing ideas to words, etc. Once these courses are completed, you will feel more confident while writing.

Other than these courses, there is also a dedicated blog section on the platform. This includes well-written blogs mostly about grammar, literature, writing tips, and whatnot. Whether you are a writer using Reedsy or a user without an account, you can access these blogs free of cost.

2. Using Reedsy to Type Your Book

Reedsy has a built-in writer that you can use to type your book, and honestly, it is much better than MS Word. It is simpler to write here due to the minimalistic interface; your work automatically gets organized into paragraphs, heading quotations, etc.

Also, it is extremely productive if you wish to collaborate with other people (known as collaborative editing), as they can easily add comments and make changes while keeping everybody on the same page.

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Your writing is backed up constantly to avoid any data loss, and copies of revisions are also available in case you make a mistake. The AI tools help correct grammatical errors and suggest enhancements to your text to make it more interesting and readable.

If you have already begun writing in MS Word or some other app, the text can be imported and fixed accordingly. Also, it is free and easy to export your content in PDF file format directly onto Amazon, Apple iBooks, etc.

3. Services Provided By Reedsy

The features mentioned above can simply be considered some value-added features. The website’s main goal is to connect you to different professions related to book writing and publishing. These include Editors, Designers, Publicists, Marketers, Ghost Writers, and Web Designers. These are crucial while writing a book as they transform your manuscript into a reader-friendly, market-ready book.

Services Provided By Reedsy
  • Editors: Good writing can still be improved, and editors help refine your work. On top of that, Reedsy’s collaborative editing improves the workflow further if you chose to write on it.
  • Designers: Visuals complement your text. Not every writer is a digital artist, so hire a designer to create relevant art or translate your vision into digital illustrations for your book.
  • Publicists: Once your book is done, it needs a publicist. Their role is to promote your book through media, interviews, events, and social media, enhancing its public image.
  • Marketers: Great writers aren’t always great marketers. A marketer offers strategies to boost your book’s sales. While not always essential, their expertise can be advantageous.
  • Ghost Writer: If you have a book idea but struggle to pen it, a ghost writer can outline it for you, giving you a foundation to build upon.
  • Web Designers: A dedicated book website can foster reader interaction, discussions, and even opportunities for merchandise or contests. Consider hiring a web designer to craft this online space.

4. Payment of Services

Of course, all services mentioned are paid as a person performs them. Simply click on the service you need, which will reveal the list of all the available professionals. You can view their profile, see their past work, and decide if they are right for you. Then, simply request a quote from them, settle down on a price, and begin your collaboration.

All the people listed are certified by Reedsy, and your work is protected from misuse due to their confidentiality laws. Any payments done through Reedsy are completely secure and hassle-free.

5. Reedsy Discovery

Another hidden gem on the Reedsy platform is Discovery. After completing the process, you can publish your book on Reedsy Discovery. This part of the platform has many users who like to read newer works. They will purchase your book, read it, and leave a review. This will give you a reader’s insight into your book before its main launch.

There is also a dedicated Blog section here, which is beneficial for both readers and writers. It has blogs related to the best books and the different services that are available through which you can read books.

Is Reedsy Worth It?

Now that you have seen how Reedsy works and the different services available on it let’s see if it’s worth using. In our opinion, Reedsy is worth it. We had a great time using and exploring Reedsy. You do not get the feeling of having to learn to use the platform due to the user-friendliness. For the most part, the platform is free while giving you access to extraordinary tools.

The people on the platform are experienced individuals, making your book-writing experience better. The customer support is very responsive and effective. Overall, it was a great experience, and we would suggest writers to give the platform a try.

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In conclusion, we found the platform working exceptionally well. The reviews, especially those on Reddit, were all in favor of Reedsy. So, if you are a book writer, use Reedsy on your journey and enhance your writing process. If you found this review helpful, share it with your loved ones. Until next time. Ciao


What is Reedsy, and how does it help writers?

Reedsy is a platform that assists writers in the entire book-writing process, from manuscript creation to publishing. It provides resources such as book editors, marketers, publishers, and AI writing tools to simplify the complex journey of writing a book.

How can Reedsy help me become a better writer?

Reedsy offers free 10-day courses covering the basics of book writing, content organization, and translating ideas into words. The platform’s blog section provides valuable insights into grammar, literature, and writing tips.

What services does Reedsy provide for book writing and publishing?

Reedsy connects writers with various professionals, including Editors, Designers, Publicists, Marketers, Ghost Writers, and Web Designers. These services are crucial in refining manuscripts, designing book covers, and promoting books.


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