AMD’s Upcoming RDNA3 Will Include New Features Allowing High Framerate, High Resolution Gaming

AMD’s next-gen RDNA3 reveal is in less than 30 hours. Dr.Lisa Su, CEO of AMD during the recent investors call discussed the new features that RDNA3 brings to the table. 

New Features

AMD’s upcoming RDNA3 will be based on TSMC’s 5nm fabrication process. Team red officially states that RDNA3 will offer a 50% efficiency boost over its predecessor. In addition, Dr. Lisa Su added a few noteworthy points regarding AMD’s next gen GPUs. RDNA3 will reportedly bring in a few ‘new features’ enabling high framerate gaming at high resolutions. The interpretation of this line can vary, although, it is clear that RDNA3 is switching things up.

Gaming graphics revenue declined in the quarter based on soft consumer demand and our focus on reducing downstream GPU inventory. We will launch our next-generation RDNA 3 GPUs later this week that combine our most advanced gaming graphics architecture with 5-nanometer chiplet designs.

Our high end RDNA 3 GPUs will deliver strong increases in performance and performance per watt compared to our current products and include new features supporting high resolution, high frame rate gaming. We look forward to sharing more details later this week.

AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su

This might as well be AMD’s competitor to NVIDIA’s DLSS, but that’s just our speculation. The end result may differ drastically. Besides, we have no actual leaks identifying any new features. However, since AMD has kept a really tight grip on their products, expect a few surprises at the live event.

Release Date

AMD’s RDNA3 is planned for announcement on the 3rd of November. The actual retail date will vary and is proposed to be in the last week of November – the first week of December. As stated by AMD themselves, RDNA3 introduces the next generation of Infinity Cache, a modified Graphics Pipeline along with a re-architectured Compute Unit . We here at Appuals will keep you covered as the live event unfolds.

What’s Next?

Looking ahead, we’re continuing our push for more efficient gaming with AMD RDNA 3 architecture. As the first AMD graphics architecture to leverage the 5nm process and our chiplet packaging technology, AMD RDNA 3 is on track to deliver an estimated >50 percent better performance per watt than AMD RDNA 2 architecture – truly bringing top-of-the-line gaming performance to gamers in cool, quiet, and energy-conscious designs.

Contributing to this energy-conscious design, AMD RDNA 3 refines the AMD RDNA 2 adaptive power management technology to set workload-specific operating points, ensuring each component of the GPU uses only the power it requires for optimal performance. The new architecture also introduces a new generation of AMD Infinity Cache, projected to offer even higher-density, lower-power caches to reduce the power needs of graphics memory, helping to cement AMD RDNA 3 and Radeon graphics as a true leaders in efficiency.

We’re thrilled with the improvements we’re making with AMD RDNA 3 and its predecessors, and we believe there’s, even more, to be pulled from our architectures and advanced process technologies, delivering unmatched performance per watt across the stack as we continue our push for better gaming.

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