Here’s What a PlayStation 5 Controller Should Look Like, Introducing the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro 

Now that Razer has unveiled its newest controller, the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro, PlayStation 5 players will have another DualSense controller alternative. It’s built to work with PS5 and PC and is packed with features and customization that certainly bumps it up in the premium PS5 controller market.

The controller is a stylish combination of black and white, and it is loaded with advanced functionality and hardware, tailor-made for competitive gamers. The Wolverine V2 Pro stands out because of its wireless connectivity and offset analog sticks thanks to Razer’s HyperSpeed Wireless technology. The Wolverine V2 Pro is officially licensed by PlayStation and will cost $250. It will be sold exclusively at GameStop and Razer‘s official store.

This may be Razer’s first PS5 controller, but it’s not their first Wolverine controller. Numerous Wolverine controllers for Xbox/PC have been released throughout the years, but they have all relied on wired connections. The Wolverine V2 Pro addresses this, which is the only significant issue users noticed with the outstanding V2 Chroma Xbox controller.

Although it looks to be slightly larger than the V2 Chroma, its overall design is identical. Officially certified for use with the PS5, this controller includes the usual assortment of menu buttons in addition to a touchpad. However, it does not come with built-in audio output, Adaptive Triggers, or tactile feedback.

Image: Razer

It also has more buttons, however they may be a bit more than PS5 owners are used to. As shown in the promotional video for the controller, the back of the device features two paddles, each of which contains four buttons. In addition to the standard four buttons, there are two shoulder buttons that can be assigned to other functions. These two new buttons are located beyond the LB and RB inputs, so you’ll have to stretch beyond those controls to use them.

A microswitch d-pad with eight directions is included. In addition, it features the mechano-tactile action buttons that are signature Razer’s gaming peripherals. For easier and faster use, the actuation time of such buttons has been decreased. Furthermore, Razer installed two customized bumpers at the very top. In addition to the four back triggers, you can also remap these bumpers.

Image: Razer

To top it all off, the two primary triggers incorporate Razer’s HyperTrigger technology. These triggers, when set to their usual mode, provide a longer, more conventional pull, similar to that of the official DualSense. However, by toggling a small switch, the main triggers may be locked into a position that provides a fast click, ideal for first-person shooters. In this configuration, the trigger is said to mimic the action of Razer’s most advanced gaming mice.

The new Razer Controller app, available for both iOS and Android, allows for the controller to be customized. Razer’s Synapse PC app cannot be used. As for the Bluetooth, it only serves to link your phone to the app. Although it has Bluetooth capabilities, it cannot be used as a controller.

With this controller, you can do everything you want in games. The official Razer Controller software enables complete control mapping customization, including thumbstick sensitivity tuning. To those interested, pre-orders for the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro can be placed now, with deliveries beginning on December 31.



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