How to Raise Your Hand in Zoom on Windows?

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing platform that people use for meetings, classes, audio and video conferencing. It comes with a raise a hand feature that allows users to notify the teacher or host about them wanting to ask something. However, many new users may be unable to find this option on their devices. In this article, we will show you the method to raise a hand on different devices.

Raise a hand in zoom

Raising Hand in Zoom Meeting

Raising a hand in Zoom is similar to raising a hand in a class. Most of the time the teacher will be speaking and other students will be muted. Raise hand is an option where students can notify the teacher about a question they want to ask. This option is available in Zoom for all platforms. When you don’t see any option for Raise Hand on your Zoom application, then it means the host has disabled the option. You can ask the host to enable the option, so you can raise your hand accordingly. Follow the below steps to see how it works on different devices:

  1. Open your Zoom application on your desktop, phone, or in a browser.
  2. Now click on the Join A Meeting option on the home page of Zoom. It will ask you to put the Meeting ID or Personal Link Name for that specific meeting.
    Note: You can also host a meeting and invite others.

    Joining meeting through ID
  3. Add the copied ID and click on the Join button.
  4. To confirm person Zoom will further ask for the password for the meeting. Add the password for that specific meeting and click on the Join meeting button.
    Entering the password for the meeting
  5. Now in the meeting, click on the Reactions icon at the bottom of your screen and choose the Raise Hand option.
    Note: The option is similar for both desktop application and web browser users.

    Raising a hand in a meeting
  6. The Host will get a notification that you raised your hand. They can cancel your raised hand or ask you to unmute and talk.
    Note: The unmute option will appear for hosts if they muted you before. They can also ask you to turn ON your camera.

    Host view for raise hand
  7. You can also lower your hand by clicking on the Reactions and choosing the Lower Hand option.
    Lowering a hand in a meeting
  8. The phone app users will not see the Reactions option. They need to tap the screen to get options at the bottom of the screen. Then tap on the More icon (three dots) and then tap on the Raise Hand option.
    Note: You can also lower your hand by using the same option.

    Raising hand on the phone app
  9. If you are using a telephone for a Zoom meeting, then you can Raise your Hand by dialing *9 on your dial pad. However, there is no option to lower your hand on the telephone unless your host does it for you.

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How to Raise Your Hand in Zoom on Windows?

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