RDNA3 Based Radeon 780M iGPU Disappoints in Initial Tests

Last month at CES 2023, AMD announced its Ryzen 7000 Mobile lineup. We expected Phoenix Point (Ryzen 7040) to stand out amongst every other CPU. The reason was simple. These CPUs feature next-gen (Zen4) performance cores along with a next-gen (RDNA3) graphics solution. Today, the first benchmarks of the Radeon 780M, the highest-end offering as of now have been leaked.

Radeon 780M Performance

Over at bilibili, user 金猪升级包 has allegedly got their hands on the first-ever public benchmark of this GPU. AMD has been rather secretive regarding the entire Phoenix Point lineup, considering how RDNA3 is facing all sorts of problems. However, readers should take this benchmark with a grain of salt.

The Radeon 780M scores around 3000 points in Time Spy Graphics using a laptop with LPDDR5x-7500 memory. In another system, when paired with DDR5-5600 memory, the same GPU manages to output 2750 points. The result will differ based on the laptop you purchase, however, it appears that the 780M is not much faster than its RDNA2 counterpart. 

Radeon RX 780M Benchmark | bilibili

For some context, here is a list of various other mobile GPUs:

  • Radeon 680M2481 points
  • Vega 8 1225 points
  • Iris Xe1648 points
  • RTX 3050 Ti MQ4273 points

(via ultrabookreview)

As you can probably see, RDNA3 falls short of all prior claims. The active Twitter leaker, All The Watts, claims that RDNA3 mobile failed to achieve its performance targets. Initially, AMD was targeting performance on par with the RX 570 (Desktop). In fact, the latest update mentions that the Radeon 780M is equal to, and at best faster than the Radeon 680M, a last-gen product.

Phoenix Point & Radeon 780M

Fabricated on TSMC’s N5 (5nm) process, the Phoniex Point APUs feature a next-gen Zen4 CCX and a powerful (up to) 12 CU RDNA3 iGPU, with support for DDR5 memory and PCIe Express Gen 5.0. So basically, in the same package, you get both next-gen CPU and GPU compute power, at much lower TDPs than if you opt for a mobile GPU-equipped laptop.

The Radeon 780M is the highest-end RDNA3 iGPU offering boasting 12 CUs. When paired with the Ryzen 9 7940HS, the 780M will boost to 3GHz

The first Ryzen 7040 notebooks will be available starting March 2023, so in almost 2 months. Until then, we can hope that AMD fixes its driver and hardware-related RDNA3 bugs.


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