How to Fix “Error Code: CE-118866-0” on PS5?

PS5 error code CE-118866-0 occurs when you cannot install any game updates. This error also triggers when the PS5 System Software is outdated, the Database is corrupt, insufficient Storage in your console, faulty external Hard drives, or the console system has some issues regarding launching programs. This issue leads to the crash USB port and stops launching the games, and this error message appears:-

 How to fix PS5 Error Code CE-118866-0
PS5 Error Code CE-118866-0 Something Went Wrong

Here are some reasons why this error appears;

  • Outdated System Software: Outdated software does not support multiple functions, and data can come at a risk, such as your system can hack or your hardware slowing down; thus, an error appears. In this case, install the updated system software and check if the issue resolves.
  • Storage Issue: The game won’t download or install on your system if there is insufficient space. You receive a storage space notice on your device; if the available storage capacity is less than 1GB. In this case, you can remove extra apps or media from your device and install more Storage via an external hard drive.
  • Corrupt Database:  The database corrupts when the console loses some data or has poor functionality. The corrupt Database affects PS5 performance and causes this error. You won’t be able to get access to certain games. In this case, you can rebuild it and fix the issue.
  • External HDD Issues: The external hard drive can also be responsible for data corruption. If it is attached to a USB port, it continuously consumes electricity. You can lose files if it detaches accidentally during installation. So, avoid an external HDD to install the games and switch on internal Storage.
  • Software Glitches:  If you are facing a software issue or the program doesn’t work well, it can affect the console’s performance, and an error occurs. In this case, you can reset the console. It will help the user to restore the console to factory settings. Resetting will eliminate the issues and fix the error.

After figuring out all the possible reasons for the error, here are some methods that you can try to solve the problem:

1. Restart your PS5

Sometimes, the error appears because of temporary glitches in the console. The console freezes and stops responding to any command. In this case, you can restart your pS5 to refresh its content and remove the temporary issues. So, follow the below steps;

  1. Please turn off the system and unplug its power cable from the power outlet.
  2. Wait 2-3 minutes, and plug the power supply back again.
    Unplug the Cables
    Unplug the Cables
  3. Now press and hold the console button to restart the PlayStation. Hold the power button for several seconds until you hear a beep.
  4. Afterwards, check to see whether that has resolved the issue or not.

2. Move Game to the Internal Storage

You may get the error when the Storage on which the game or app is installed is defective or filled. In this case, move the game or app to the local internal SSD and try to launch it from there. Then check if the error resolves or not. So, follow the below steps;

  1. Select the settings option from your PS5 Home screen.
  2. Now scroll down and select Storage. Choose console storage.
  3. Move the arrow and select Games and Apps.
    Open the Storage Settings of Console
    Open the Storage Settings of the Console
  4. Select the box to the left of each title. Click on the Move after choosing the games you want to transfer to your Internal Storage.
    Move the Game or App to Internal Storage
    Move the Game or App to Internal Storage

3. Make Enough Hard Drives Space

If you still face the error, it can be because of insufficient Storage of your console. The game you want to install or update does not find any space and an error occurs. In this case, move or delete the unnecessary items from your console and check if the issue resolves or not;

  1. Turn on your PS5. Then place the hard drive into one of the USB ports at the back.
  2. Now click the Settings menu present on the top right corner of the home screen. Choose Storage.
  3. After selecting USB Extended Storage, Click on Game and Apps.
    Make Enough Storage
    Make Enough Storage
  4. Now select the games one by one and click the delete option. Once the process is complete, launch your game and check if the error appears or not.
    Delete the Game from Storage
    Delete the Game from Storage

4. Rebuild the d PS5 database

Another reason for that error can be the frozen Database of your console. You can try to rebuild your PS5 Database. Rebuilding the Database will create a new database by scanning the full SSD drive content.

This method can take a long time if you have more data on disk. The database rebuilding process can resolve your issue. Here are the following steps to rebuild the Database:

  1. Hold the power button to Turn off your console. The power light will blink for a few seconds.
  2. Now hold the console before turning it off. So release the button when you hear the second beep.
  3. Attach your controller with the USB cable. Then press the PS button on the controller.
  4. Select rebuilt Database. Now, wait for the process completion. Then install the game/app and check if the problem appears
    Rebuild the Console Database
    Rebuild the Console Database

5. Update PS5 System software

When the software is outdated, bugs and viruses attack your console and will directly affect your game performance, and an error occurs. You must constantly update your PS5 system software to reduce the risk of errors. Sometimes, the new updates may contain the solution to fix the issues. So, here are some steps you can follow to update the software;

  1. Go to the settings. Then go down to the system.
  2. Go to the system software—select system software update and settings.
    Update the PS5 System Software
    Update the PS5 System Software
  3. Go to select the Update System Software.
  4. Two options are there. The easier option is to Update it from the internet; You need to connect to Wi-Fi. Then try selecting a software update and press continue with the update.
  5. With the update, you were going to select yes and proceed through the prompts.
    Update the Console System Software
    Update the Console System Software

6. Reset your Console

If the other methods do not fix the problem, try to reset your PS5 and then reinstall the ps5 system software from scratch. It might be some compatibility issue or the system file conflict corruption on your ps5. Here are some steps you can follow to reset ps5;

  1. Press the button from ps5 controller.
  2. Now scroll down and click on Reset ps5. When the console resets appropriately, you can install the game and check if the problem fixes or not.
    Reset Your Console
    Reset Your Console

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