Power Supply Calculators

The Power Supply Unit (PSU) of a computer is the hardware components that takes in power on behalf of the computer rig from a power outlet and then goes on to distribute the power it takes in to all of the other components on the computer. From the keyboard to the USB ports, electricity to an entire computer is sent by its PSU. If you’re building a computer yourself or if you’re upgrading one, you will need to know how big of a PSU (in terms of wattage) you are going to need. This is where a power supply calculator comes in.

A power supply calculator is a utility that has all the algorithms and data required to pull the power ratings for all the components in any given computer (physical or theoretical), analyze it and then determine exactly how much power – and therefore how big of a PSU – the computer will need. Most power supply calculators even allow you to print the results for future reference!

When analyzing any given computer rig, the average power supply calculator uses the amount of power every one of its components will need if they are being used at peak capacity. Since that is the case, the amount of power that a power supply calculator determines a computer will need is the amount the rig will need if it is being utilized to its maximum extent, an instance which is highly unlikely to become reality, at least under normal circumstances. However, just to be on the safe side, you should always get a Power Supply Unit that is rated at least 50 watts higher than what the power supply calculator you used recommended.

There are a wide variety of different power supply calculators out there, some of which are more reliable than others. Since choosing between all the available power supply calculators can be a tall order, the following are the absolute best power supply calculators out there right now:

The eXtreme Outer Vision Power Supply Calculator

The eXtreme Outer Vision power supply calculator is, by all means, the most popular and most accurate power supply calculator out there, and to top it all off, it is also highly detailed and basically has every possible component configuration you could ever have in a computer rig. The eXtreme Outer Vision power supply calculator is pretty much flawless, and an equally accurate and amazing version of it is also hosted by Enermax – one of the biggest names in the PSU industry.

The MSI Power Supply Calculator

Even if you have the slightest bit of knowledge pertaining to the world of PC gaming, you will know MSI. MSI is one of the largest players in the PC gaming scene that is responsible for the creation of some of the fiercest gaming rings and motherboards out there. The MSI power supply calculator, which you can access here, is extremely detailed, highly accurate and has almost all of the PC components in the market right now. The MSI power supply calculator is basically one badass power supply calculating utility.


Another sweet power supply calculator that you can use to calculate how big of a PSU your computer needs is the one located at www.powersupplycalculator.net. Even though this power supply calculator is not as big and bad as the two options above, it is still really accurate, and accuracy is all that counts.


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