Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Healing and Boost Items Guide

In Playerunknowns battlegrounds, every player has a maximum health of 100%, which can be seen at the bottom of the screen. As the player takes damage, the health bar will decrease and gradually turn red in colour. There are two ways to heal your character after taking damage. You can either use boost items which heal over time or instant heal items like first aid kits. All healing items take a few seconds to cast. If the player moves too much, or performs actions such as shoot a gun or drive a car, the casting process will cancel.

Bandages are commonly found in stacks of 5, usually in civilian houses. A bandage will take 4 seconds to activate, and will heal a players health by 10% over a period of 3 seconds. Bandage healing effect will not stack fully until the white bar is completely healed, and it will only heal a player up to 75% health. In order to avoid wasting bandages, you should activate your bandages after the white bar is halfway filled.

First Aid kits are less common than bandages but are more effective in healing. A first aid kit takes 6 seconds to cast and, unlike bandages, will heal a player to 75% health instantly. As they are difficult to find, one should use them sparingly. Just like bandages, the first aid kit cannot be used if a player has 75% or more than 75% health.

The rarest and best healing item in the game is the Med Kit. This item is very rarely found in houses and occasionally spawns in air drops. The med kit, upon usage, will heal the player’s health to 100% after an 8 second cast time. Use this item very carefully and try to save it for the late game.

Boost bar

The boost bar is a thin white line visible above the health bar. It is cut into 4 sections, which fill up when the player uses a boost item.


The first section of the boost bar lasts for 1 minute and will heal 1% health every 8 seconds, for a total of 7% health. The second section is the longest one. It lasts for 2 minutes and will heal 2% health every 8 seconds, for a total of 30% health. The third bar lasts for 1 minute and 30 seconds and will provide a 2.5% movement speed boost along with 3% health gain every 8 seconds. The fourth bar will last for a measly 30 seconds and will give a 6.2% movement speed boost. It will heal 4% health every 8 seconds, for a total of 16% health.

Boost items

There are 3 consumable items in PUBG which raise your boost meter:

The energy drink is the most common boost item. It can be found nearly everywhere and has a fairly high spawn rate. The energy drink takes 4 seconds to cast and raises the boost meter by 40%. The boost will last for 2 minutes and will heal a total of 23% health.

The next tier of boost item is the painkiller. It has a lower spawn rate than the energy drink. It has a cast time of 7.5 seconds and raises the boost meter by 60%. The boost from a painkiller will last for 3 minutes and heal a total of 40% health.

The best and rarest boost item is the Adrenaline Syringe. Only found in airdrops, the adrenaline syringe will max out the players boost meter. It will last for 5 minutes and heal a whopping 68% health.


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