How to Cancel/Downgrade Planet Fitness Membership in 2024?

The workout franchise Planet Fitness is expanding rapidly. Planet Fitness has grown from its 1992 beginnings in Dover, New Hampshire, to more than 16.2 million members and 2,200+ locations worldwide. They offer a friendly, judgment-free atmosphere, spotless facilities, and inexpensive registration and membership options.

Planet Fitness is world’s leading gym franchise | PlanetFitness

Planet Fitness memberships are simple to obtain but, like other gym chains, difficult to cancel or downgrade. They don’t have an online cancellation system, so you must cancel by visiting your local gym or sending a certified letter. Before you try to quit Planet Fitness membership or downgrade it, it is very important to understand how their contract works.

Understanding your Planet Fitness contract

Understand your Planet Fitness membership contract | Contiguglia

Your agreement specifies how you can cancel and under what circumstances you may be exempt from cancellation costs, even if you joined up during a “no contract” or “no sign-up fee” campaign.

The specific terms and conditions are written in your contract, and you should be aware of them. No matter your payment schedule (annual or monthly), it’s safe to assume that you’re locked into a yearlong commitment.

Moreover, make sure you know when your current agreement expires. If you only have a few months left on your contract, it may be more convenient to wait until then to cancel. As much as five or six months of payments may be charged as a cancellation fee.

Here are some things to consider before you cancel your membership:

  • An early membership cancellation fee of $58 will be assessed if you discontinue your membership before the end of your contract period.
  • To cancel your subscription, you must provide 30 days’ notice.
  • You could put your membership on hold for three months instead of canceling.
  • You will need to fill up a form to downgrade your membership.

You can encounter some of the following challenges while attempting to cancel your Planet Fitness membership:

  • Unfortunately, you can’t cancel your Planet Fitness membership online now. So, canceling your gym membership will be an ordeal.
  • To cancel your membership, the front desk staff can take some time to respond, according to multiple consumers.
  • Your request to cancel will be handled in a very slow manner.
  • The monthly fee will be deducted from your checking account until your cancellation request is approved.

Cancel your membership by visiting Planet Fitness

Cancel Planet Fitness membership by visiting the front desk | PlanetFitness

This needs to be done at the member’s “home” gym, the facility they selected as their “preferred” during membership sign-up. To cancel, members must notify the front desk staff at their home gym and then fill out a cancellation form. At first glance, that appears to be a straightforward statement; nonetheless, there is a potential for complexity.

If you are away from your home gym

If you’re ready to cancel your gym membership, you must do it where you originally signed up. Even though the Planet Fitness staff has your name, membership number, and other details on file, you still cannot visit any location to do so.

Customers will have their “home gym” status at the location where they originally signed up for a membership, even if they have since relocated to a different city and are now using a different Planet Fitness location as their primary fitness facility.

Cancel your membership via mail

Send a mail letter with all the details to Planet Fitness location | Ijubaphoto via Canva

Send a letter to the Planet Fitness mail address with the cancellation form, your name, address, phone number, and membership ID to terminate your membership. Planet Fitness suggests mailing it via certified mail to your home club. Ensure your application was received, reviewed, and accepted by checking in with the club afterwards.

How to cancel Planet Fitness using DoNotPay?

DoNotPay allows you to cancel your Planet Fitness membership | DoNotPay

Using the DoNotPay app is one method to avoid all the trouble, which is fortunate. To avoid the hassle of the typical cancellation procedures, you can terminate your subscription this way. With DoNotPay, you can terminate your Planet Fitness membership as follows:

  • Simply launch DoNotPay in your preferred web browser!
  • Choose “Find Hidden Money” and go to the next step.
  • Then, choose the service you want to terminate by entering “Planet Fitness” in the appropriate field.
  • DoNotPay will notify you through email once your membership has been canceled.

How to downgrade your Planet Fitness membership?

Easily downgrade your Planet Fitness membership | PlanetFitness

Two kinds of memberships are available at Planet Fitness: the PF Black Card membership and the Classic membership. The PF Black Card allows holders to use any Planet Fitness location, bring guests, and receive massage and tanning services, among other perks.

Planet Fitness’ customer service states that you can speak with a staff member at your local Planet Fitness to request a downgrade if you realize you aren’t using the supplementary benefits. There is no way to lower your membership via phone or email; you must do so in person.

If your contract is still active, there may be a $99 fee if you downgrade your subscription (prices vary by location). The immediate effect will be given to your upgraded membership, while the first of your next billing cycle will mark the beginning of your new monthly cost.

Final Verdict

It can be difficult to cancel or downgrade your Planet Fitness membership, but doing so is possible if you familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of your contract and complete the appropriate steps. Before intending to cancel or downgrade your membership, you should read the terms and conditions of your agreement carefully.

There is no way to cancel your membership digitally, and you must visit your home gym in person. DoNotPay may help you cancel your membership easily if you’re having trouble.


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