First Pixel 9 Pro Leak Shows New Pill Camera Visor, Periscope Camera & Flat Sides

Just days after the Samsung leak fiasco came to an end, the next phone in the Pixel line has been pictured in unofficial renders. Courtesy of Steve H.McFly, the Pixel 9 Pro renders are public, providing us with a deep insight into what Google is planning to offer with its next flagship device.

Google Trims the Display for Pixel 9 Pro, but the Bezels are Uniform This Time

One of the more important details that has emerged is that Google will be toning down the overall size of the largest Pixel, down from 6.7″ on the Pixel 8 Pro to 6.5″ now. But, like has become the industry trend, Google will be carrying over the same flat display from last year.

From the renders, we can clearly make out that the bezels on all four sides are significantly lesser, with a bigger screen-to-body ratio and the even bigger detail to notice is that the bezels are finally uniform this time around.

Other than that, the power and volume buttons will both be situated on the right side of the frame. The USB-C charging port, speaker grille, and SIM card tray will be housed at the bottom, indicating that we will be seeing physical SIM versions of the Pixel this year as well. At the top, the Pixel 9 Pro features the mmWave antenna cover and a microphone.

Pixel 9 Pro Ditches the Traditional Continuous Camera Visor for Large Pill-Shaped Horizontal Bump

On the back, we see a rather rough, matte-textured back glass, possibly with a frosted finish. However, the more bigger detail is that the continuous camera visor, which bled into the side frame, is now absent. The Pixel 9 Pro now features a rather conventional-looking horizontal, pill-shaped camera bump.

An interesting detail to note is that the camera layout is quite thoughtful. The three cameras are arranged in a manner where the largest sensor is positioned in the middle, flanked by the other two similarly sized sensors. The larger one appears to be a periscope telephoto camera, making its debut for the Pixel line in this phone. The bump also houses the flashlight and back microphone.

Flat Frame is the New Normal

Following the recent trend of design convergence, it seems all phones are increasingly adhering to the same aesthetic each year.

Flat frames are making a comeback, and the Pixel 9 Pro is no exception. Its side rails, made from what appears to be brushed aluminium, are perfectly flat, with subtle curved transitions into the back glass, and where have we seen that before—Apple’s iPhone 15 series.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.

via: @OnLeaks on X


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