[FIX] Photos App not Importing from iPhone

Importing Photos from your iPhone to a computer that is running on Windows operating system by using Photos App does not always work and users frequently run into some kind of error or the application crashes. This usually happens when the users update their Windows Operating System and the reason is that the new set of libraries are sometimes not compatible with the iOS and the user obviously can’t wait for the next update to patch these files.

Photos app not importing in iPhone

Although Photos App has a lot of amazing features like editing, slideshow making, video editing, and adding effects to photos some users mainly use it to import photos. There is a lot of third party software application available that can help with importing photos from iPhone to your Windows computer but they are not free and users prefer to use the native Photos App instead of spending money on Third-Party application. You can try the below methods if you are also facing an error while trying to import your photos from your iPhone to your computer.

  • Before you proceed to the solution make sure you do not have iCloud Photo Library enabled on your phone. iCloud Photo Library is cloud-based online photo storage where you can back up photos from your iPhone. However, if the photos have been uploaded on iCloud Photo Library then you can only access the original version of the photos by going to your iCloud Photo Library since only the optimized (Low-Resolution) version of those photos is then mirrored in your iPhone.
  • Secondly, make sure that the photos you are trying to import have not been synced to your iPhone from iTunes Photo Sync. Because synced photos can not be downloaded using a USB cable. You will have to email those photos from iTunes to your PC or Mac.

Solution: Change your iPhone Photos Settings

In this method, we will change the Photos settings of the iPhone device. This method has reported to have worked for a lot of users. iPhone has the option where you can choose to keep the original files on your device while transferring them to a PC or MAC. This option is disabled by default. All you have to do is change it so that the original photos are retained on the device. Please see the steps below:

  1. Go to your iPhone Settings and then scroll down to the Photos section
    Scroll down to the Photos section
  2. Scroll down to Transfer to Mac or PC (which is by default set to Automatic).
  3. Change the option to Keep Originals.
    Change the option to Keep Originals
  4. To make sure these settings take effect, press the home button on the iPhone twice and close all the running applications by swiping up.
  5. Now connect your iPhone to your PC and through the USB cable and allow the phone to trust the computer.
  6. Now start importing the photos to your PC and make sure you do not unplug your USB cable during the process.

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