Fix: Outlook not working something went wrong

Outlook is not working; ‘something went wrong’ occurs when you try to access your Outlook/Hotmail account. This issue is most commonly caused by an error with Microsoft servers, which prevents premium OWA users from accessing their webmail.

Since the issue is beyond our control, we cannot fix it on Microsoft’s end. However, with my workaround, you can access your emails immediately and more reliably. The approach here, which is to use an email client, can also be considered a long-term solution for accessing emails.
X-OWA-Error: SDServerErr;System.Web.HttpException
X-FEServer: DM2PR09CA0024
The workaround we have in this guide is to use Thunderbird for emails. Thunderbird is an open-source email application, similar to Outlook, but better than the Outlook application in many ways.

You can download the latest version of Thunderbird from their website by clicking here. After you have installed it, you can follow the steps below to add your account.

Step 1: Open Thunderbird and click on the Email button under ‘Create a new account.’


Step 2: On the “Welcome to Thunderbird” screen, click “Skip this and use my existing email.


Step 3: You will be prompted to provide your name, email address, and password. Type all the requested details and click Next.

Step 4: Click “Done,” and your new account will be added to Thunderbird. To access it, click your email address in the left pane of Thunderbird.


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