OPPO & OnePlus Are Reportedly Exiting European Markets

There have been persistent rumors that OPPO and OnePlus (a subsidiary of OPPO) are about to withdraw from the European market. Despite the company’s denials, OPPO seems to be preparing for a possible withdrawal from the market.

Frandroid, a French media source, claims that OPPO has ended its commercial animation business in France. The importance of this position is emphasized in terms of its significance for in-store product marketing, sales team training, and product evangelism.

Several wholesalers also confirmed to the media source that they had been informed by the company to clear out their existing stock. Those retailers aren’t anticipating any fresh product shipments, and they have no plans to promote those that do arrive.

A single salesman went into further depth on the topic. It has been translated as follows:

We understood that they were leaving, because we were more trained on new products. We see the Find X coming out in China, oh no, it’s not coming out in France. We see the Renos arriving, will they be released in France? Neither. When the Find N2 Flip arrives, we are told of a store release, and then finally no, it is only available on the site.

Atmospheres looks to be the primary employer of commercial animators in this sector. The business has reportedly given all of OPPO’s contract workers furlough days. OPPO confirmed its continued presence in France in a statement to 9to5Google. In contrast, it is clear from OPPO’s remark that the firm is primarily concerned with its current customer base and not with the future.

Our top priority is to continue to provide excellent service to our existing users in France, as always. Users can continue to use Oppo products, access after-sales service, receive future operating system updates, and more. Nothing changes for end users.

It is not yet certain if OPPO is deciding to exit the European markets however, there are pointers indicating towards the decision. We will keep you updated as soon as we receive further developments.


Muhammad Zuhair

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