How to Fix OneDrive Sign-In Error Code 0x8004de40 on Windows 10?

After the Windows update of build 1703, One Drive Error 0x8004de40 in Windows 10 is encountered and reported by many users. The users face this error code with a message saying; “There was a problem connecting to OneDrive”, with a try again option. This error indicates that the application is facing some sort of malfunction or having difficulties connecting to the Microsoft Cloud Servers. Ultimately the users’ access to the application is restricted and blocked. Most of the time, connectivity issues in applications are due to unstable internet connection. But in this case, every other application seems to work perfectly fine with the internet connection, OneDrive being the only exception. The error notification is as follows:

OneDrive Sign-In Error Notification

What Causes One Drive Sign-In Error Code 0x8004de40?

Since OneDrive is an application that needs continuous internet access for its propagation, its errors are mostly due to internet-based problems. The list of reported reasons for this particular error of One Drive, confirmed by the users and our researchers, is given below:

  • Internet Connection: Most applications require a stable and speedy internet connection for proper functioning and Microsoft OneDrive is one of those applications. If there is a problem with your internet connection, OneDrive will fail to connect with the cloud consequently displaying an error code, just like the one under consideration. If all other internet-based applications are working properly on your PC with your internet connection then there might be another reason for this error.
  • Outdated Windows: Microsoft servers acts as a hub for its cloud (OneDrive) and operating system (Windows) itself. In case you have missed out on the latest Microsoft Updates, the OneDrive application may find it difficult to connect to the newly updated Microsoft Servers, ultimately causing the error under consideration.
  • Corrupted OneDrive Installation: The installation failure messages of some applications are not prominent enough for users’ notice. Users do not receive warning messages while some of the files of a particular program get corrupted, resulting in the display of errors. This will cause the OneDrive application to stop working properly i.e. OneDrive won’t be able to connect with Microsoft Servers, therefore, you will not be able to login to your Microsoft Account.
  • Incorrect Internet Settings: Some internet security protocols help in establishing encryption channels over the computer network. If these protocols are disabled or badly configured, the OneDrive client may not function properly and will result in the error under discussion.


Before progressing towards solutions, our advice is to try these short workarounds that worked online for many users. But if the error persists, proceed towards solutions. The possible workarounds that can resolve or at least downsize the causes of error are listed below:

  1. Check your Internet Connection: The first thing that you should check is your internet connection whether it is working or not. If you are using the internet with an Ethernet cable then make sure that it is properly plugged in. if it is a wireless connection then ensure that the router is up and working smoothly or you can try rebooting the router. Another way to check internet connectivity is to launch your web browser and open a couple of pages. If the pages are successfully loaded then your internet is perfectly fine and the underlying problem is something else.
  2. Update OneDrive: You should also try to check for the app update because sometimes when the update installation is pending, apps start showing errors. So try to update the app to its latest version.
  3. Windows Update: If the installation of Windows update is pending, some apps and programs will no longer be supported by the system. So if your Windows update is available and not yet installed then install it by following these steps: Start > Settings > Update and Security > Windows Updates.

Solution 1: Configure Internet Proxy & DNS Settings

Proxy servers allow you to bypass some restrictions applied by your internet service providers while some organizations apply them to set a secure connection with the network. However, sometimes the incorrect proxy settings can create problems with the OneDrive application, leading to a connectivity error. Furthermore, Microsoft determines the Transport Layer Protection (TLS) to provide server authentication to the clients. The TLS 1.0 and above is a security protocol that aids in establishing encryption channels over the computer network as mentioned in the causes. The OneDrive application may not function appropriately when these TLS protocols are disabled.

Therefore, we need to disable the proxy settings, enable the TLS protocols, and configure DNS settings correctly in order to rectify the problem. Many users were able to fix the problem by following this solution. Follow the steps given below:

Disable Internet Proxy Settings:

  1. Click Start, search Internet Options, and open it. A window will pop up with all internet settings like General, Advanced, Security and Connections, etc. to provide you with different options under each section to configure your internet connection.
    Opening Internet Options
  2. Select the Connections tab. This will open the settings section particularly for the selection of the desired and suitable network i.e. LAN, WAN, etc. Now click on LAN settings option.
    Opening LAN Settings
  3. Here mark the Automatically detect settings options and uncheck the option Use a proxy server for your LAN under proxy server. This will disable or deactivate your internet proxy settings completely.
    Disabling Internet Proxy Settings
  4. Click OK and close the window.

Enable TLS Protocols:

  1. Press Windows + R keys together on your keyboard. It will open the Run command dialog box. It will allow you to open the files and folders, launch the programs, and access internet resources in Windows.
  2. Type inetcpl.cpl in the search bar and press Enter on your keyboard. It will open Internet Options that contain all the internet settings like General, Advanced, Security, and Connections, etc. to provide you with different options under each section to configure your internet connection and properties.
    Opening Internet Options using Run Dialog Box
  3. Now click on the Advanced tab. Under the Settings section scroll down to find the TLS option and mark the TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2. Click Apply > OK. This will enable all listed TLS protocols that will help the Microsoft OneDrive application to connect to Microsoft Servers with ease.
    Enabling TLS Protocols
  4. Restart your PC. This will allow Windows to digest and apply all the recent settings made to the system.
  5. Open the OneDrive application. Try signing in now to check if the problem is fixed or not. In case it’s not, then the cause behind this error is definitely the “Corrupt Installation” which can be solved by following Solution 2 that involves the method of resetting the OneDrive application.

Solution 2: Reset OneDrive Application

As stated previously in the causes, corrupt OneDrive installation will lead to the OneDrive Error Code 0x8004de40. Corrupt application files cause malfunction which not only stops the propagation of the application but also there is a strong possibility that it might corrupt your operating system files as well. Our researchers recommend resetting the OneDrive application which will restore it back to its default state, fixing all the changes that have been made to it by the user or by the application or system itself. This proved to be a helpful solution for many users online. Follow the steps given below to successfully reset the OneDrive application:

  1. Press Windows + R keys together on your keyboard. This will open the Run command dialog box. It will allow you to open the files and folders, launch the programs, and access internet resources in Windows.
  2. Copy-paste the following command in the search bar and press Enter on your keyboard. Once done, it will quickly reset the OneDrive application, restoring it back to its default state.
    Resetting the OneDrive application
  3. Restart your PC. This will allow Windows to digest and apply all the recent settings made to the system.
  4. Open the OneDrive application and try signing in now. This will finally get your problem fixed.
    Note: Resetting the One Drive does not affect personal data, it only resynchronizes the data files of the OneDrive application. Although, it will delete some of the application’s settings that you may have altered including cache. You will have to start the application from scratch after the reset i.e. login with your credentials.

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