NVIDIA Reportedly Readying 94GB & 64GB Variants of the H100

As per a few new additions to the PCI ID list, highlighted by Videocardz, NVIDIA is preparing more variants of its H100 Hopper GPU. Given the recent AI boom, NVIDIA is keen on making hay while the sun still shines. Resultantly, the now-trillion-dollar giant is making more variants of its Hopper-based H100 GPU to cater to all sorts of consumers.

New 94GB & 64GB H100 Variants

The variants in question are based on the SXM5 form factor, rather than using the PCIe protocol. As such, the memory configurations, using HBM3, we presume, could vary. The 64GB variant may comprise of 4x16GB memory stacks. The 94GB variant on the other hand is a bit difficult to make out.

NVIDIA H100 94GB & 64GB Configurations | PCI ID list

Due to yield and supply constraints, a few gigabytes of memory could be disabled per stack, but that is yet to be seen.

Besides these two variants, we came across a 120GB variant a few months ago. Similarly, the 80GB PCIe variant was put to the test just a few days ago. It is no surprise that NVIDIA would want to make more and more variants of the H100.

From a business perspective, it is simply a wise decision to make hay while the sun still shines. Different consumers have different needs and it seems that NVIDIA is trying its best to accommodate its customers. The successor to Hopper, Blackwell is yet to arrive in late 2024 so NVIDIA still has a long while before its next major architecture.

Source: PCI ID list via Videocardz


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