NVIDIA’s Frame Generation Works With FSR & XeSS As Well

One of the most noteworthy things NVIDIA introduced with Ada Lovelace is Frame Generation. Do note that this technology is slightly different from DLSS 3.0, which is merely an AI upscaler. Although, the Frame Generation (FG) feature is exclusive to RTX 4000 GPUs which is indeed a major let-down. Igor’s Lab after doing some tinkering found out that FG reportedly works with Intel’s XeSS and AMD’s FSR 2.0 as well. 

Frame Generation on XeSS & FSR

Intel’s XeSS is similar to AMD’s FSR in the sense that it is not limited to just RTX GPUs. Similarly, AMD also announced their FSR 3.0 upscaling tech during the RDNA3 reveal. Not much is currently known, however, FSR 3.0 will incorporate FG akin to NVIDIA along with possible support for pre-RDNA3 GPUs.

Now, for the main part of today’s topic. Igor’s Lab ran various tests using an i9-12900K an RTX 4090 and DDR5-6000 memory. Starting off with AMD’s FSR, we see the RTX 4090 with FG on pump out 231 frames using the ultra-performance preset in Spider-Man Remastered

FSR With Frame Generation | Igor’s Lab

Next up, Intel’s XeSS is slightly lower than what FSR offers in nearly all segments. This may be due to XeSS being a very early tech which is expected to improve with time. All in all, it does support frame generation so that’s a plus.

XeSS With Frame Generation  | Igor’s Lab

On comparing both FSR & XeSS against DLSS, we see AMD’s implementation leading the pack with frame generation. That is remarkable considering that FG is hardware-enabled so it will almost always run better on NVIDIA’s own GPUs. 

DLSS With Frame Generation  | Igor’s Lab


This test shows that DLSS 3.0 and FG are not the same. In fact, Spider-Man Remastered gives you two separate options for FG and DLSS upscaling. DLSS is just NVIDIA’s AI-upscaling solution which is comparable to XeSS and FSR. Frame Generation, however, is a completely different tool that is currently only available on Ada GPUs.

Currently, only the RTX 4000 lineup supports this FG feature so no it will not work on an Ampere/Turing GPU. Although, as stated above AMD’s FSR 3.0 can switch things up making FG more widely available. However, it is too early to say much regarding this.


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