Nothing Phone (2) Design Revealed: It’s Just Like the Renders

It's Familiar, But With Some Key Differences.

Its finally here, our first look at the Nothing Phone (2), courtesy of Marques Brownlee.

In his recent video titled “Dope Tech: Nothing Phone 2 Redesign!“, MKBHD showed us our first look at the Nothing Phone 2’s design, and its EXACTLY like we’ve seen in the renders. [Now I’m curious what the ‘FAKE’ tweet was all about]

Nothing Phone (2) | MKBHD

The phone, in general looks a lot like the Nothing Phone (1), with the exception of the new Glyph Interface, (the ring around the camera is now two arcs) and the cameras look a bit larger than its predecessor.

The glass too, looks a lot more rounded off at the corners, and the phone (according to MKBHD) feels a bit more light. As for the LEDs on the Glyph Interface, the Phone (2) has more addressable LEDs that you can play around with, mapping it according to your use. One thing to note is that they are still monochromatic, and not RGB.

The Phone (1) had 12 different lighting zones, whereas the Phone (2) has 33 of them.

Nothing Phone (2) v Phone (1) | MKBHD

An interesting feature that MKBHD showed off was how one of the arcs could be used as a volume indicator for your device, although I’m not sure how many people change their volume with their phones lying upside down. Maybe at the gym, or when working… Also, the same arc can be used as a timer indicator to showcase how much of the time is remaining. All in all, seems like a nice creative update.

Volume Indicator | MKBHD

This is all we know for now, and from this, I can see why not a lot of people were thrilled, but let’s wait until July 11th to see what surprises are in store for us. We will make sure to keep you updated on all developments as new information becomes available.


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