Why Are There No $10 Steam Gift Cards?

Some people are generally not so keen on online purchases and using credit cards over the Internet. However, everyone should know that Steam is one of the best Internet services in existence and their security features are just great. Steam uses the Steam Wallet which is a service where your account’s financial status is displayed. You can connect various things to your Steam Wallet such as a credit card, a PayPal account or a bank account. The process of loading your Steam Wallet is quite easy but you should know that money that goes to your Steam account cannot be converted back to real money later on.

People who are not so keen on using the credit cards of their PayPal accounts may want to try other ways of loading their Steam accounts. One of the best ways to add money to your Steam wallet is by using Steam gift cards.

Note: If you are concerned about someone stealing your credit card information, keep everything in check with an identity theft monitoring service.

Steam gift cards along with the usual amounts they arrive in from country to country

Steam gift cards can be purchased for a variety of different amounts but the lowest amount available for purchase in USD is $20. Steam gift cards are a great way to help people who don’t want to use their credit cards online and make them enjoy gaming without exposing their personal information. On the other hand, some Steam users are underage and they don’t have any access to credit cards. Before gift cards were introduced in May 2016, children who didn’t own a credit card had no choice but to ask their parents to use their credit cards and they were often not successful.

Even with gift cards, a lot of people wondered why Steam does not make $10 Steam cards since $20 is a lot of money for children, for example. There are a lot of games that cost $10 and under and people who are looking to purchase that game, in particular, may end up wasting half of the money they used to purchase the card. Other companies such as Nintendo or PlayStation are doing this but Steam seems to refuse.

However, this can be understandable. Other companies such as Nintendo usually sell retro, low-end games whose price revolves around $10. Steam, on the other hand, focuses on modern gaming since that is where they make the most profit. They sell all types of games and they want people to buy these games more often.


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