When Is the Next Steam Sale?

Steam is definitely one of the best ways to purchase video games from the comfort of your own couch. Long ago were the days when you actually had to get dressed, go to the nearest video game distributor, purchase a physical copy of the game and return home. Your job was not done at this point since you still had to insert the game, install it, and eventually troubleshoot some issues yourself.

There are a lot of games in your local store but it’s easier to store them digitally

Luckily, nowadays Steam takes care of similar problems with its awesome client which is responsible for purchasing the game, downloading, installing, and everything is done with a few clicks of the mouse. The prices differ from game to game but in a vast majority of cases, purchasing a game through Steam is a lot cheaper than buying it in a store. On the other hand, it’s hard to find a single distributor in possession of as many games as there are on Steam. Steam offers its titles arranged by categories and reviewed by numerous users.

Additionally, a lot of indie game manufacturers or even major ones don’t sell physical copies anymore and they push their games mostly through Steam. It’s much easier to sell them digitally and give a percentage of every sale to Steam than to make a large number of DVDs, especially for an indie company on a tight budget.

Some games can only be found on Steam since they are made by indie developers

However, some people still think that video game prices are over-inflated and they often prefer not to spend $40 or $50 for a video game. However, these prices on Steam are usually reserved for new releases and there are numerous Steam sales where somewhat older games get large discounts and they are often available for only a couple of dollars. It’s important to stay aware of these sales and to follow the Store page on Steam’s website or the client. New sales come out every day and it’s important to stay informed.

Certain sale periods are constant every year but they are never announced by Valve directly. It’s usually PayPal which announces the date of major sales but they occur roughly around the same time of the year. Three major sales are Summer, Winter, and Autumn Sale. In 2017, the Summer Sale started on June 22 and ended on July 5. This means that you are unfortunately late for the great summer sale which definitely left a lot of wallets lighter than they were during spring.

There is still the Autumn of Halloween Steam Sale which occurs roughly around October 31. This means there is still enough time to prepare (around 13 weeks) and you should add your favorite games to your wish list.


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