Fix: Music Stops Playing When Screen Turns Off On Surface

One flaw that every single generation of the Microsoft Surface tablet has had and continues to have, a flaw that Surface users have constantly complained about, is the fact that the tablet pauses the playback of any media (music or video) when the screen turns off after being idle or when the user presses the Power button and turns its screen off, which puts it into sleep mode, pausing the media and other activities. Meaning, the activities will resume when it’s out of sleep.

Microsoft has not addressed this pressing issue ever since the first Microsoft Surface tablet was put on store shelves, but this problem can, fortunately, be fixed on the user’s end. If you want to make sure that your Surface does not stop playing music (or video) when its screen turns off, the following are the two most effective methods that you can use to do so:

Method 1: Turn Sleep off

Since music playback stops when the Surface goes to sleep, turning sleep off entirely and making it so that the tablet does not go to sleep in any case will definitely solve the problem for you. To turn sleep off:

Press the Windows Logo key + X to bring up the Contextual menu. In the Power User menu, tap on Power Options.


Tap on the Change plan settings option located to the right of the power plan your surface is using.

change plan settings

Open both the drop down menus in front of the Put the computer to sleep feature (for on battery and Plugged in, respectively, and set both of them to Never.

The steps listed above will make it so your Surface never goes to sleep, and the following steps will make it so the screen of your Surface turns off but the device does not sleep after a certain amount of time so as not to compromise your device’s battery life:

Repeat steps 1-3 from above.

Tap on Change advanced power settings. Expand the Display section in the Power Options


Set the screen turn off time to the preferred amount (the recommended amount of time is 1 minute).

So the next time you want to make sure that the Surface does not stop playing your music when its screen turns off, simply wait for the amount of time you have set for its screen to turn off instead of hitting the tablet’s Power button. Thanks to the steps listed above, doing so will cause the Surface’s screen to turn off but the tablet will not go into Sleep mode.

Method 2: Lock your tablet instead of putting it to sleep

Locking your Microsoft Surface is an excellent alternative to putting it to sleep. While music and video playback are programmed to stop when a Surface goes to sleep, they are not programmed to go to sleep when the tablet is locked. To lock your Microsoft Surface, you need to:

Open the Start Menu.

Tap on your account picture in the top left corner of the Start Menu.

Select Lock.


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Fix: Music Stops Playing When Screen Turns Off On Surface

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