MSI Honkai Star Rail ‘Ruan Mei’ Themed SUPRIM X RTX 4090 Spotted

It appears that MSI has been working on a special edition of the RTX 4090 catered to the Chinese market. While we do not have much info other than pictures, MSI has designed a Honkai Star Rail inspired variant of the SUPRIM X RTX 4090, featuring Ruan Mei.

MSI Designs a Captivating RTX 4090 For Honkai Star Rail Fans

User hongxing2020 on X (Formerly Twitter) shared a few pictures of a rather special GPU from MSI. This RTX 4090 is based on the SUPRIM X design and should pack similar specs on the interior. Moving on to the exterior, this GPU does not fail to impress in aesthetics.

The backplate of the GPU features Honkai Star Rail’s Ruan Mei in her full glory. Ruan Mei is a playable Ice-based character in HSR, following the Harmony path and acts primarily as a support. She was last seen in the Floral Triptych event warp, which ended on the 17th of January last month.

The periphery of the blackplate is covered with a gold-brownish shade. The main theme follows a Greenish tone, matching the wavelength of Hoyoverse’s design.

MSI RTX 4090 Ruan Mei Edition Back | hongxing2020

Moving to the front side, the triple-fan design heavily resembles an RTX 4090 SUPRIM X. This time, the fans emanate a Gold hue, with the main body in Green. In short, MSI’s design is quite artistically appealing and should garner many interested anime and Honkai Star Rail fans, if it releases.

MSI RTX 4090 Ruan Mei Edition Front | hongxing2020

As is tradition, you also get a custom mousepad featuring Ruan Mei’s official cover art out of the box. From what we can see, the links on the poster point towards MSI’s Chinese website.

MSI RTX 4090 Ruan Mei Edition Box Contents | hongxing2020

Since RTX 4090s are no longer vendable in China, this may be a canceled design or could be reserved for the RTX 4090D. In any case, designs such as this are extremely pleasing to see because performance aside, the artistic value of your rig holds great significance.

Source: hongxing2020


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