MSI Claw Handheld Features the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H With 16 Cores, 128 EU iGPU & 32GB of RAM

MSI’s upcoming Claw handheld gaming console has been benchmarked in Geekbench. The tests confirm that MSI is equipping these devices with Intel’s latest Meteor Lake offerings. Moreover, the graphics score in Vulkan and OpenCL matches the likes of the GTX 1060 6GB.

MSI Claw Handheld Specifications Leaked

Across a variety of tests, we come to know that the MSI Claw handheld packs Intel’s Core Ultra 7 155H processor. This CPU is equipped with 16 cores (6P + 10E) and 22 threads. It boosts up to 4.8GHz and has 4MB of L2 cache alongside 24MB of L3 cache.

MSI Claw Handheld Specifications | Geekbench

The handheld, at least for this test is powered by Windows 11 and uses an MSI ‘MS-1T41‘ motherboard. In terms of memory, 32GB of RAM has been added which is ample for the use case of this device. Note that the memory speed is unspecified, though the CPU is rated to handle blazing-fast LPDDR5X-7467 memory.

As expected, MSI is not cutting corners, packing a full-fat 128 EU Xe iGPU with the MSI Claw. The iGPU for the duration of this test clocked at 2.25GHz, still lower than what Phoenix offers.

Performance Benchmarks

Starting off with the CPU side of things, the Core Ultra 7 155H outputs a score of 2403 points and 11543 points in the single-core and multi-core test respectively. This is in-line with other tests of the same processor and quite similar to the Ryzen 7 7840HS.

MSI Claw (Core Ultra 7 155H) Geekbench CPU Score | Geekbench

Moving over to the iGPU, the Xe-based integrated graphics has been tested in both the Vulkan and OpenCL APIs. The MSI Claw scores 37165 points in Vulkan, whereas OpenCL sees a drop to 32670 points.

  • MSI Claw (Core Ultra 7 155H) OpenCL Score

To put this score into perspective, we have compiled a graph for context. The Claw is apparently neck to neck against Intel’s own Arc A380 dedicated GPU. Moreover, it easily surpasses the seemingly everlasting GTX 1060 6GB.

MSI Claw (Core Ultra 7 155H) Vulkan Score Comparison

In OpenCL, the Claw maintains a steady lead over mid-range Maxwell and Pascal GPUs. Since memory has not been specified, we cannot say for sure if this performance is guaranteed to increase.

MSI Claw (Core Ultra 7 155H) OpenCL Score Comparison

Release Date

The MSI Claw is turning out to be a decent competitor to the ASUS ROG Ally powered by AMD’s Z1 Extreme chip. There is not much word regarding a release date or the pricing. Expect to hear more from MSI at the upcoming CES.

Source: Geekbench (CPU, Vulkan, OpenCL)


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