MrBeast Makes a Surprise Entrance at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024

At Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2024, where the Korean tech giant showed off the new S24 line of smartphones, MrBeast made a surprise entrance at the event, showcasing the camera prowess of the S24 Ultra.

In the pre-recorded video, MrBeast was seen holding the S24 Ultra, and highlighting the zoom capability of the zoom camera. He did this by opening the Camera app and getting on a lift, looking down at a large packet of “Feastables” on the ground.

MrBeast showing off S24U’s 30x Zoom

He ascended to a height of up to 75 feet in the air, using the 30x zoom, easily discerning the content of the packet even from such a height. He also demonstrated other AI features, such as ‘Circle to Search.’ By scribbling around the image of ‘Feastables‘ in one of his YouTube Shorts, he easily opened up a visual Google Search without leaving the YouTube app.

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MrBeast showing off the new ‘Circle to Search’ feature on the S24U | Samsung

Later, we see MrBeast asking his friend to Quick Share him the photo, which he receives almost instantly from what seemed like more than 20-30m. He later edits that photo in the Gallery app using the new Magic Eraser on the S24 series.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a MrBeast x Samsung collaboration. The creator previously teamed up with the South Korean tech giant to promote the Z Fold 5 and the S23U last year. This year saw the surprise entrance of other creators too, such as Pokimane, who talked about the gaming experience on the S24 Ultra.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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