Fix: Microsoft Mixer Broadcasting Error

Microsoft Mixer cannot broadcast mainly due to restrictions on apps to run in the background. This error can also occur due to conflicting settings of the Game Bar. If we narrow it down, the Mixer’s broadcasting error occurs when a user attempts to broadcast with Windows 10 Game Bar. The Mixer logo appears with the scrolling blue dots for some time and then it closes with the notification “Broadcasting isn’t working.  Something went wrong.  Try broadcasting again later”.

Try broadcasting Again Later Mixer Error

This is a very common scenario which occurs usually when streaming games on some platform or broadcasting directly to a channel. This issue is solved easily given that the game you are trying to stream provides enough permissions to do so.

Before trying any of the solutions

  1. Reboot Modem.
  2. Check service status of Mixer
  3. There are a few games out there that are blocked by the developer from streaming. Hence, you should make sure that is not the case with you.

1. Reset the Windows Game Bar

Conflicting settings of the Game Bar/Mixer can cause the broadcasting error. Since Mixer is part of Windows Game Bar, resetting Game Bar will reset Mixer’s settings as well and thus may solve the broadcasting problem. Do note that by performing this action, all the current settings of your Game Bar and will be erased. Personal preferences might also be lost.

  1. Press Windows key, type Game Bar and in the resulting list, click on the Game Bar Settings.
    Open Game Bar Settings
  2. Now in the Game Bar window, toggle the switch of Record Game Clips, Screenshots and broadcasting using Game Bar to OFF.
    Toggle the Switch of Record Game Clips, Screenshots and broadcasting using Game Bar to Off
  3. Restart your computer completely.
  4. Press Windows key, type Game Bar and in the resulting list, click on the Game Bar Settings.
    Open Game Bar Settings
  5. Once in the Game Bar window again, toggle the Record Game Clips, Screenshots and broadcasting using Game Bar to ON again.
    Toggle the Switch of Record Game Clips, Screenshots and broadcasting using Game Bar to On
  6. Even though this looks like a small action, it completely relaunches the Mixer functionality. Launch the game and broadcast to check if it is working fine now.

2. Allow Windows To Run the Apps in The Background

Whenever Windows detects that you are playing a game, it will turn off some applications (that are not allowed to run in the background) for a smoother user experience. If the global setting of running the background apps is turned off, then the user will not be able to broadcast via Mixer (since it also considers the Mixer as a background application). This issue doesn’t happen with people having updated Windows.

  1. Press Windows key, type Privacy and from the resulting list, click on Privacy Settings.
    Open Privacy Settings
  2. Now in the left pane of window, scroll down to find and click on Background apps.
  3. Toggle the switch of Let apps run in the background to on.
    Toggle the Switch of Let apps run in the background to On
  4. Now launch the game and broadcast and see if the issue is resolved. Also consider restarting your computer before broadcasting again.

3. Renew Your Stream Key

Microsoft has implemented a Streamer Review for broadcasting via Mixer to improve the validation and monitoring of new streamers. Streamers are required to login with their Microsoft account at the Mixer website to enable additional screening of their accounts. After that, streamers will have to wait for 24-hour before getting a new stream key and then they can start streaming. Renewing your streaming key may solve the problem.

Note: This action might put your current streaming key on hold.

  1. Launch your browser, go to Offiicial Mixer Website, log in with your linked Microsoft Account and then open ‘Broadcast Dashboard‘. The Microsoft Account should be the same that you have used with your Windows.
    Sign In Mixer
  2. Now go to the “Broadcast” tab.
  3. Inside the Broadcast tab, select “Get Started”.
  4. Watch the required Mixer Safety Video.
  5. After completion of the video, wait for 24-hour (review period).
  6. After elapse of 24 hours, again, go to the “Broadcast” tab to read and sign the Streamer Pledge.
  7. After completing all the steps, you would receive your new stream key.
  8. Now launch the game and start broadcasting.

If the error message still persists even after performing all the above actions, consider relogging into your Microsoft Account on your Windows. This will probably erase all your preferences. You can also try creating a new local account and checking out the behaviour of Mixin there.


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