Transfer Your Xiaomi Cloud Content to Google Photos Before It Is Gone Forever

Xiaomi recently informed its users that their data would no longer be stored on its cloud servers after April 30th, 2023. The MIUI Gallery no longer supports sync, so the developer team is actively encouraging users to transfer their photo collections to Google Photos. There is no need to be concerned because your data will remain secure, however, read on to learn more.

Almost five months have passed since Xiaomi said it would discontinue support for MIUI’s Gallery Sync feature in favor of letting customers back up their data to Google Drive, which is arguably a much more secure and reliable choice.

MIUI Gallery has been updated so that it is now simple to copy your media to Google Drive. All of your photos and videos stored in Xiaomi Cloud can be easily transferred to Google Photos. Xiaomi users will also be given a free three-month trial of Google One, with 100GB of storage.

Xiaomi is continuously searching for ways to improve our software product experience. Google Photos and Xiaomi share similar values in aiming to provide a reliable platform for users and their day-to-day moments captured on their smartphones. Our cooperation with Google Photos will offer users an easy way to ensure their data is stored securely, while being able to easily access them across different devices as required.”


Even if you don’t go with the Google One subscription plan, you still get 15GB of storage. This is in itself a major step up as free storage on Xiaomi Cloud was capped at only 5GB, and the service’s family package was only available in China. With a Google One subscription, customers can add as many as five family members, which allows them to share their storage space and other benefits.

With Google Photos’ seamless integration on all Android devices, you can easily move all of your photos over with just one login on any device you want. Even better is that Xiaomi users no longer have to be concerned about their pictures when switching to a different smartphone brand.

This page contains information that can help you learn more about moving your photos and videos to Google Photos.


Muhammad Qasim

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