Fix: Error Code (0x800703e6) When Launching Minecraft

Minecraft Launcher Not Launching Error Code (0x800703e6) might be due to a bad cache, an unstable Microsoft store version or disabled services. The error code is usually visible to users when they try installing Minecraft Launcher.

Fix error code 0x800703e6

Before Jumping right into the solutions bit we’ll thoroughly discuss the factors that might be the reason for you facing this issue.

What causes Error 0x800703e6

  • Corrupt Game files- Corrupt Game files could be one of the reasons you are facing this error as users have reported the issue fixed after they verified their game files. By Corrupt game files, we mean that the Minecraft root files have become inoperable and won’t function properly.
  • Lack of Administrator Priviligies- We can try launching the game as an admin as it will ensure that the game properly reads and writes the necessary games file.
  • Disabled Services- Xbox Gamepass App requires a set of necessary services to provide users with smooth end-to-end delivery of their services. A chief reason for us facing an issue with Minecraft could be because some of the services aren’t enabled.
  • Outdated Microsoft Store- Outdated version of Microsoft might be one of the reasons we are facing this issue, we will be updating our Microsoft store to the latest version to rectify this problem.
  • Unreliable Windows Version- An unstable windows version could cause games to not function properly. Updating to a stable or latest version will fix the problem for us.
  • Unstable Microsoft Launcher version- Reportedly downgrading to an older yet stable version of Minecraft launcher helps users solve this problem

1. Launch the game as an administrator

Launching Minecraft as an administrator will help us identify if the problem is because of the game not having enough privileges. Follow the below-mentioned steps to run your game as an administrator.

  1. Open Xbox Game Pass home interface.
  2. Right Click on Minecraft or Click on the three Dots right beside it.

    Opening settings in Xbox App
  3. Click On Manage Settings.
  4. Click on Create a Desktop Icon, and open the desktop.

    Creating a desktop shortcut icon for Minecraft
  5. Right Click on Minecraft and Run as an administrator.

    Running Minecraft as an administrator

If launching the game as an administrator does not fix the error, continue to the next steps.

2. Verify and repair the game files

Verifying game files will look for missing or corrupt files in the root directory. Corrupt Game files could be one of the reasons you are facing this error as users have reported the issue fixed after they verified their game files. By Corrupt game files, we mean that the Minecraft root files have become inoperable and won’t function properly. To Verify game files follow these steps:

  1. Open Xbox Game Pass App
  2. Right-Click or click on the Three dots beside Minecraft.

    Opening Minecraft settings
  3. In the Box that pops up Click on Files.
  4. Click on Verify and Repair.

    Verifying Minecraft launcher
  5. Restart your Computer

Once your computer has restarted, try launching the game if the problem persists continue to the next step.

3.  Start Necessary services

Multiple services running in the background corroborate the smooth operation of the Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass application, we will be making sure these services are live and running by using a few commands, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Press Windows Key on your keyboard on click on the windows icon on your taskbar.
  2. Search CMD or command prompt in the search box and Run as administrator.

    Running Command Prompt as an Administrator
  3. Paste the Commands one after the other.
net start iphlpsvc
net start XblAuthManager
net start XblGameSave
net start Installservice
net start wuauserv

Once all the services have been forced started try launching Minecraft and if the issue still persists continue to the next steps.

4. Delete Microsoft Store Cache

Deleting the Microsoft store cache will refreshen things as the store will be forced to download new cache which might help us in resolving this issue. To Delete Microsoft Cache follow these steps:

    1. Press the Windows key + R key simultaneously.
      Deleting Local Cache of Microsoft Store
    2. In the run dialog box type %localappdata% and hit enter.
    3. In the List of Folders, Search and double click on the folder named Packages.
    4. Inside the Packages folder, Locate a folder Named Microsoft.WindowsStore_8wekyb3d8bbwe.

      Deleting Microsoft store cache
    5. Open this folder and Right-Click on Local Cache.
    6. Delete the folder.
      Deleting the Local cache of the Microsoft Store

Once the LocalCache folder has been deleted, Restart Your Computer and try launching the Microsoft store if the issue remains continue to the next step.

5. Reinstall Xbox Gaming Services

Xbox Gaming services is a services package provided by the Microsoft itself, it is pretty easy to download the gaming services package from the Microsoft store but we’ll be taking a different approach where we’ll first uninstall any gaming services-related services and reinstall, Follow these steps:

  1. Press Windows Key or click on the windows icon.
  2. Type Powershell in the search box and run as administrator.
    Reinstall Xbox Gaming Services
  3. Paste in the following command. It will uninstall pre-installed gaming services.
    Get-AppxPackage *gamingservices* -allusers | remove-appxpackage -allusers
  4. Now, Paste in the following command and hit enter, it will redirect you to the Microsoft store.
    start ms-windows-store://pdp/?productid=9MWPM2CQNLHN
    Reinstalling Xbox Gaming services
  5. Click on Install.
    Installing Xbox Gaming Services
  6. Once Installed, Restart your computer.

Once your computer has restarted try launching the game, if the issue persists continue to next step.

6. Reinstall Xbox Identity provider

Xbox Identity provider bridges PC users to Xbox live and allows them to access their Xbox live content, Xbox Identity provider is a necessary service and is preinstalled but as reported by the users reinstalling it has fixed launching errors on multiple games, Learn more about Xbox identity provider. In order to Reinstall follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Press Windows Key.
  2. In the search bar type Powershell and run it as administrator.
  3. Paste the following command, what this command will do is uninstall Xbox identity provider if you already had it installed.
    Uninstalling Xbox identity Provider
    Get-appxpackage Microsoft.XboxIdentityProvider| Remove-AppxPackage
  4. Click here to install Xbox Identity Provider.
  5. Click on install and Restart your computer 

7. Install windows7/8 Minecraft launcher

Installing an older version of the launcher means degrading to an older build of the launcher which has been tested and is considered stable. A stable version of the Minecraft launcher might fix our issue, in order to install follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Press Windows Key.
  2. Search Minecraft Launcher and click on Uninstall.

    Uninstalling Current Minecraft Launcher
  3. Once uninstalled click here to install the windows 7/8 version of the Minecraft Launcher.
    Downloading the windows7/8 version of the Minecraft launcher
  4. Once downloaded and installed, Try launching the game.

8. Update Windows

Updating windows can provide feature enhancement and might fix errors you are facing with certain applications such as Microsoft store, refer to this article to update windows.


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