How to Fix Microsoft Teams Has Stopped Working on Windows 10?

People who have been using MS Teams for a while know that when they launch the app, it automatically signs in every time. However, it is not the case, always. Sometimes, it says that you don’t have an internet connection although other apps are working without a problem. Other times, it might say there was an error trying to log in and ask to restart the application. Users reported that the application does not detect the actual problem and show the following notification:

Error Notification

What Causes Microsoft Teams Has Stopped Working?

Microsoft has just developed MS Teams and there still are a lot of bugs in it that users encounter day after day. After reviewing the user’s feedback and technical authorities in detail, we conclude that this error may arise due to any of the following reasons:

  • Corrupted Cache: When it has been some time to MS Teams installation, corrupted cache builds up in cache memory which ultimately causes Microsoft Teams to stop working. This corrupted build-up could be because of any third-party software, old application files, etc.
  • Corrupted Configuration Files: Just like any other software or program, Microsoft Teams also create configuration files respective to the user accounts on the user’s PC. These configuration files may get corrupted due to miscellaneous reasons i.e. power cut off, inappropriate termination of MS Teams, etc.
  • Corrupted Application Files: Before the execution of any Windows software or program, there are a set of pre-start processes that runs in the background. Successful execution depends upon these pre-start processes. If they fail, software or program fails to run automatically. Similarly, MS Teams corrupted application files may result in the failure of pre-start processes thus, stopping MS Teams to start properly.

Solution 1: Clear MS Teams Cache

Sometimes MS Teams cache files may get corrupted and users face various problems i.e. not being able to login or no internet connection error. This ultimately causes MS Teams to stop working. This issue can be readily solved by clearing MS Teams cache by following these simple steps:

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager from the list.
    Opening Task Manager
  2. Look for Microsoft Teams in the Processes section, right-click and select End Task. This will terminate all the background ongoing processes related to MS Teams.
    Closing MS Teams
  3. Click Start, search File Explorer and open it.
    Opening File Explorer
  4. Copy-paste the following location address in the address bar and press Enter. This will take you to a hidden folder named cache that contains cache files for MS Teams.
    Opening MS Teams Cache Directory
  5. Select all files by pressing CTRL + A keys together on your keyboard and permanently delete all files in the folder by pressing SHIFT + DEL keys together on your keyboard.
  6. Select Yes to confirm the deletion process.
    Deleting MS Teams Cache Files
  7. Now repeat the steps from 3 to 6 one by one for the following location addresses:
    %AppData%\Microsoft\teams\application cache\cache
    %AppData%\Microsoft\teams\Local Storage
    %LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache
    %LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cookies
    %LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Web Data
  8. Once you have deleted all files, try running MS Teams. This should fix your problem.

Solution 2: Clean Uninstall & Reinstall MS Teams

If the above solution didn’t fix your problem then there is a strong possibility that some of the MS Teams system files are corrupted. The easy fix would be to completely uninstall MS Teams and reinstall the latest fresh copy. Follow the steps given below to do so:

  1. Close MS Teams by right-clicking the MS Teams icon in the taskbar and select Quit. This will terminate all the background ongoing processes related to MS Teams.
  2. Right-click on Start and select Control Panel to open it.
    Opening Control Panel
  3. Select Uninstall a program under the Programs section. This will open a list of all installed programs on your PC.
    Opening Installed Programs List
  4. Select Microsoft Teams from the list of installed programs and click Uninstall. This will start uninstalling MS Teams. The uninstallation procedure may take time so wait until it gets finished.
    Uninstalling Microsoft Teams
  5. Press Windows + R keys on your keyboard to open Run dialog box.  Type %appdata% and click OK. This will take you to a hidden folder named AppData that contains data files for installed applications or services in Windows 10.
    Opening AppData Folder
  6. Open Microsoft folder, right-click on Teams folder and select Delete.
    Deleting MS Teams Folder
  7. Close all windows and again press Windows + R keys on your keyboard to start Run. Type %Programdata% and click OK. This will take you to a hidden folder named ProgramData that contains data files related to the programs installed on your PC.
    Open ProgramData Folder
  8. Repeat step 6. Now you have finally uninstalled Microsoft Teams completely from your computer.
  9. Download a fresh updated copy of Microsoft Teams desktop setup from the Official Microsoft Teams Download Webpage and then install it. This should finally fix your problem.
    Downloading MS Teams (desktop) Setup
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How to Fix Microsoft Teams Has Stopped Working on Windows 10?

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