Meta Introduces “Meta Verified” Subscription Service Starting From $11.99 USD Per Month

Finally, Meta unveils Meta Verified“, a paid membership tier that takes cues from Twitter Blue. This will provide customers access to a number of premium services, in addition to a company-verified account.

With Meta Verified, you get verification with a government ID, proactive account protection, access to direct account support and more. 

Subscribed users get 100 monthly Stars on Facebook and access to special stickers for use in Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Reels.

The subscription service is a little bit different to what we have seen with Twitter. Users will have to join a waitlist to see whether the service is available for their region. Here is how you can become “Meta Verified”

Visit the “Settings” section on Facebook or Instagram. To access Meta Verified, choose “Accounts Center” from the drop-down menu. You will notice “Meta Verified available” beside your name and profile picture if it’s available for your account.

Meta Verified Pop-up | Meta

You must finish the verification procedure and provide a valid picture ID from the government to validate your identity before being granted access to the service.

Interface For ID Verification | Meta

It looks like Meta is taking account authenticity a bit more seriously since it still requests users to provide government-issued identity because it claims to provide stronger security with such steps. However, we can only hope that it won’t result in the proliferation of phony verified accounts that Twitter experienced last year


Muhammad Zuhair

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