Loongson 3A6000 Planned For Launch In 1H 2023, On Par With Intel’s Willow Cove And AMD’s Zen3

Loongson, a Chinese fabless chip manufacturer is planning to launch its next-gen CPUs in the first half of next year. For the unaware, Loongson’s 3A6000 was the talk of the town a few months past being on par with Intel’s Willow Cove and AMD’s Zen3. Read more about that here. During the recent Innovation Summit courtesy of mydrivers, the company confirmed the release date along with expected performance levels for the 4th Gen Loongson products.

4th Generation Godson Lineup

The next-generation Loongson CPUs will include the 3A6000 and the 3A7000. As per the company, the 3A6000 can deliver a massive 68% single-core (Floating Point) performance uplift (in contrast to last-gen). Simialrly, the single-core (Fixed Point) gen-on-gen increase stood at an impressive 37%

Not much is known in regards to the clock speeds, although, Loongson states that these CPUs are targeted at AMD’s Ryzen and EPYC series. 

For comparison, Intel and AMD were both thrown into the mix in SPEC CPU. As showcased by the benchmarks, Loongson’s 3A6000 is almost neck to neck against Intel’s Tiger Lake and AMD’s Zen3. 

  • Loongson 3A6000 – 13/G
  • AMD Zen 3 CPUs – 13/G
  • Intel Tiger Lake – 13+/G
  • Intel Alder Lake – 15+/G

Not impressed? Well, that is a given because you probably won’t want a CPU ‘equivalent’ to Intel’s 11th gen, when you can get your hands on a 13th gen CPU. Besides, the keyword here is equivalent which means that this is probably the best-case scenario. Although, for the Chinese mainstream market, in light of the recent US sanctions this brings some hope for the future. 

Release Date

Loongson aims to launch the 3A6000 chips sometime in the first half of next year. The 16-core 3C6000 will also arrive in 2023 with a 32-core counterpart sometime later. In 2024, we may get to see the first 64-core CPU featured in Loongson’s 7000 series. This easily beats out Intel’s current highest core count offerings. 


Abdullah Faisal

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