LG V20 and Q6 to Receive Android Oreo Update Along With Camera and Audio Enhancements

LG can be somewhat slow to push updates for their Android phones, even their flagship series, but it looks like things may turn around as LG recently launched their dedicated Global Software Update Center just a few months ago, and it seems they’ve been investing some time and effort into working on updates for some of their premium models – most notably the LG V20 and the Q6.

The plan seems to be firmware upgrades first, with Android 8.0 Oreo to become available for both the LG V20 and Q6 – on top of receiving Oreo, the Q6 will get support for DTS:X 7.1 channel 3D surround sound. There will also be a new feature to synchronize the Q6’s flashlight with whatever music you’re playing on the device, like a kind of strobe disco light – hopefully nobody goes into any seizures from this, but okay.

As for the G-series, the LG G6 will be updated with LG’s AI-enhanced Bright Camera feature, which helps in increasing the brightness of photos that are taken in low-light environments – camera algorithm, basically, for people who don’t know how to use the camera apps ISO and exposure settings.

The LG G7 will also receive AR Stickers, which means users will be able to include animated 3D characters or text in photos and videos which can then easily be shared online with friends – we’re not quite sure exactly how this will work, unless the images are being exported as .GIF files, which most social media sites support nowadays.

LG has said that these updates will first be available in Korea, most likely as a testing grounds before they are released to the international market – though we’re pretty positive that some folks in Korea will release ROMs patched with the latest updates for Android devs to tinker with and build custom ROMs out of before the updates are officially pushed to the international market.


Kamil Anwar

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