Lenovo Launches the Legion 9i, Powered by the RTX 4090, i9-13980HX & Features the Industry’s Thinnest Water Cooling Solution

Lenovo has recently announced its Legion 9i gaming laptop in China. This laptop packs the most powerful CPU & GPU solution known to the market. To tame the RTX 4090 and the i9-13980HX, the Legion 9i also incorporates the world’s thinnest water-cooling solution.

Lenovo Legion 9i Specifications

As highlighted by Videocardz, the Lenovo Legion 9i crams all these features inside a tiny package. The specifications include the i9-13980HX (24C/32T) and the RTX 4090M (16GB).

Legion 9i Specifications | Reddit

The inclusion of liquid cooling should have been the perfect ingredient for a bulky laptop, however, the Legion 9i measures to be 18.9mm wide. That is less than 2 centimeters, which is an astonishing feat.

Lenovo says that the cooling system comes into play when the temperatures exceed 84*C. This means that the liquid pump will not be activated when the system is under light loads. Alongside the liquid cooler, the Legion 9i is equipped with 3x fans with adequate space for 2x M.2 SSDs, and 2x DDR5 DIMM slots.

Legion 9i Water Cooling | Videocardz

Speaking of memory, model(s) with 64GB (32GB + 32GB) DDR5-5600 memory have been mentioned. As for the storage, the same model houses 2x1TB M.2 TLC SSDs from an unknown vendor.

The laptop packs a 99.9Wh battery (4-Cells), which should net users ~40 minutes of battery life (150W). Display-wise, the Legion 9i has a 2K 16.3-inch 165Hz IPS Panel with VRR enabled.

Lenovo Legion 9i | MSPOWERUSER

There was no mention of a release date. However, Videocardz mentions that the laptop has been in production for almost 1 month. This hints towards a release date in the near future.

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