What Does “ISTG” Mean and How to Use It In 2024?

Key Takeaways
  • "I swear to God" is a versatile slang used to express a range of emotions such as frustration, seriousness, or enthusiasm in casual conversations, especially popular among younger generations.
  • ISTG can be utilized to emphasize a statement, express annoyance, confirm seriousness, or simply add emotional depth to conversations across various social media platforms.
  • While ISTG is fitting for informal settings and personal interactions, it is inappropriate for professional environments or formal communications where more traditional language is expected.

Social media these days have changed the way how people especially teenagers communicate. Whenever you open up Instagram or a TikTok reel, there’s always a new Gen Z slang to keep up with. For those born before social media became a thing, understanding these acronyms is definitely not easy.

Unlike newer terms like Mog, Rizz, and Mid, ISTG has been around for a while and is one of the most commonly used ways to reply to messages. To help you fit into the slang culture better, this article will explore what does ISTG mean and how you can use it like the cool kids. So, let’s jump in!

Understand ISTG better!

What Does ISTG Mean?

ISTG stands for “I swear to god” and is like a go-to term that encompasses pretty much every emotion or feeling. It’s one of those slang that fits into every context and makes it more catchy. While it is common to see ISTG being used to show frustration, its flexibility doesn’t end there and is used to show enthusiasm, seriousness, commitment, and all sorts of intense emotions.

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How To Use ISTG

Since ISTG covers so many emotions, it’s obvious that you can use it in different contexts. This means that whether you want to show your frustration over work or convince your friends you just won the lottery, ISTG can fit perfectly. When writing ISTG, you can use both the lowercase “istg” or the uppercase “ISTG” interchangeably. With that out of the way, here are a few different ways to use ISTG.

1. Show Annoyance With ISTG

Show frustration with ISTG

ISTG can be used in conversations where you want to show that you are frustrated or not happy with something. ISTG when used to show annoyance plays a similar role to the word “ugh“. The two terms are often used in pairs such as, “Ugh, ISTG why is it always raining here!!?“. Here are a few examples of how to use ISTG to show that you are annoyed:

  • ISTG, I have been waiting for him for an hour.
  • I can’t sleep peacefully without my neighbor blaring his electric guitar, istg!
  • ISTG people are so mean…she didn’t even hold the elevator for me.

2. Show Seriousness With ISTG

Show seriousness with ISTG

Another way to use ISTG is to show others that you are serious about something and are not joking with them. In this case, you are using ISTG as a way to vouch for something that others might find hard to believe. For instance, “ISTG, that light turned on by itself” can be a good way to convince others of your bizarre experiences. A few other examples include;

  • ISTG, I am not even joking I just saw a giant spaceship in the sky!
  • ISTG, I just saw Kendrick and Drake hanging out at the mall.
  • I just heard Sydney is dating Nate, istg!

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3. Emphasize a Point With ISTG

The third way is to use ISTG to drive a point home. This one is similar to showing seriousness but instead, it’s more along the lines of promising that you are not just making a casual statement, but are committed about it. Additionally, you can also share your “hot takes” using ISTG by adding emphasis on your opinions. Let’s look at a few examples.

  • ISTG, Weekend is falling off.
  • ISTG, Breaking Bad is such a boring show.
  • ISTG, I will finish up the assignment today.
  • I’ll be there on time, istg!

4. Express Your Emtions With ISTG

Unlike the three examples above, this way of using ISTG is not specific to a certain emotion or feeling. Instead, you can use ISTG to express other emotions and feelings such as excitement, affection, amusement, and more. Here are a few examples to help you get a better idea:

ISTG fits in everywhere!
  • ISTG, I am so pumped for The Boys Season 4!
  • My new dog is so cute, ISTG!
  • I just saw this meme and istg it’s the funniest thing ever!
  • ISTG, this game is so addictive! I have been playing it for hours.

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What Should You Reply to ISTG?

When it comes to replying to ISTG, the responses depend on the context. When ISTG is being used to express frustration, you can offer empathy with phrases like “I feel you,” or “That sounds frustrating.” Additionally, in cases of seriousness, you can use phrases like “Wow, really?” or “That’s intense!” to get a bit more details about their experience.

Some good responses to try

To emphasize a point, you might affirm with “I trust you” or “Got it, noted.” Lastly, when ISTG is used to express emotions, matching the sentiment with replies such as “That’s awesome!” or “Yeah I can’t stop laughing either” can enhance the conversation.

When Should You Not Use ISTG

Since ISTG is a very casual acronym, we suggest not to use it in professional scenarios like when talking to your teachers, employers, etc. Additionally, if you are trying to show respect to someone, using slang like ISTG is not the best way to go.

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Bonus: Other Acronyms Similar to ISTG

Apart from ISTG, there are a few other acronyms that can be used instead of ISTG depending on whatever the context is.

  1. OMG: OMG or “Oh my God” is one of the most popular ways to express surprise or frustration in everyday conversations. You can use OMG in place of ISTG when you’re annoyed over something.
  2. ONG: ONG or “On God” is a common slang among Gen Z and is used to show that you are being serious. Despite the religious connotation, the term isn’t considered religious and is just a way to promise others that you are telling the truth.
  3. FR: FR or “For Real” is another slang that conveys a similar meaning to ONG. It can also be used in places where you want to make sure that whatever the other person just told actually happened.

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Understand Gen Z Communication

Understanding Internet acronyms like ISTG can help you fit into the ever-evolving world of social media. Since ISTG has many uses, we hope our article has given you a clear understanding and some great responses that can enhance your online engagement.


Does ISTG mean the same thing on Snapchat?

Yes! The term ISTG or I swear to god has the same meaning on every social media platform including Snapchat.

What does Gen Z mean?

Gen Z includes people born in the late 1990s to early 2010s. They’re really into tech, social media, and being themselves.

How do people keep up with internet acronyms?

People keep up with internet acronyms by actively engaging in online communities, researching unfamiliar terms, and staying updated on current trends and memes, allowing them to understand and use these abbreviations effectively in digital communication.


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