Is It Worth Buying Adobe After Effects?

Before you can actually analyze the worth of purchasing Adobe After Effects, you might want to question yourself, do you know how to use it, and whether you know it enough to use it effectively after it has been purchased.

Adobe After Effects is an Adobe Product that helps you create motion graphics and helps you design visual effects, making your work even more presentable. Before you purchase the software, here are a few things that you might want to consider.

Important Things That You Might Want to Consider Before Purchasing Adobe After Effects

  1. Are you going to use After Effects to earn an income, or are just using it as a hobby? It is very important to address this question because Adobe After Effects is not something cheaply available. You will be investing a lot of money for this software, and if you are working using the software, paying a good amount, and earning nothing in return, then you might want to shift to another alternative which would cost you less. For instance, let’s assume you are using the application to earn an income, and have a few low-paying clients. In such a situation, you will have to rethink your options of software and analyze whether what you are paying in comparison to what you are getting is enough for you or not. We all are different individuals and have different preferences. Once we are able to see what is more important to us, or what is our need at this moment, then we will be able to judge the worth of purchasing Adobe After Effects better.
  2. Have you previously learned how to use After Effects or are you a newbie? The return that you will get using Adobe After Effects, is directly dependent on how well you know how to use the tools in the software. I am a Graphic Designer myself, and if I did not know how to use Adobe Illustrator, I don’t think I would have used it with such confidence, with which I use it now.
  3. Assuming that you know the tools, understand the software very well, but lack the very basic talent, or creativity that is required to make anything on Adobe After Effects, then purchasing the software might go for a waste. With time and practice, of course, you can get better at what you do. But then again, are you willing to give yourself that time, and are you prepared to invest that much money on a monthly basis, is the question here.

Do You Think It Is Worth the Buy

This question will have varying answers, coming from different backgrounds of people. For a person, who understands the product Adobe After Effects produces, they would definitely feel like this software is worth the price. While on the other hand, a person who feels like the work that would be done on this software, in comparison to the work done on another software, is almost alike, in which case, the person would not find buying Adobe After Effects worth the cost.

Having said that, it all depends on how important the services offered by Adobe After Effects are for you. The worth can be measured according to the level of significance it has, or it will have in your life, once it has been bought.


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