Is Fuchsia a Shade of Pink?

Yes, Fuchsia is nothing but a shade of pink. However, it is not made of ‘just pink’.Color scheming in any designing field is a task for the designers. And because the designers have to look at all shades of colors closely, these are the people who can identify the color fuchsia accurately. It is the closest to the color magenta. Sometimes, people also refer fuchsia color to be a shade of pink or red.

If you look closely at the color pink, and add a little bit of purple in it, you might even get the color fuchsia because it is somewhat close to this color mixture.The text in the blog banner is written in ‘Fuchsia’, so that you can know what exactly the color looks like.

How Did Fuchsia Get Its Name?

The history of this color fuchsia is pretty intriguing. Leonhard Fuchs, is a German botanist, whose name was given to the ‘fuchsia plant’. And back in the past, when the color was introduced, it was famously recognized as ‘magenta’ . The name magenta was also given to the color to remember the war of Magenta which took place in a city of Italy, which is called ‘Magenta’.

Why use the Color Fuchsia in Designing?

Have you ever looked at this beautiful color? While it is somewhat a darker shade of pink, it also has a bright tone to it. This makes Fuchsia super attractive in designs or even in typography. You can pair Fuchsia up with either black or a shade of black to give the design an intricate look which appeals the eye. And if you want the color to be paired with something which would look more bright and not very classy, but more arty, you can use the neon shades, preferably a yellow.

Is It Used Only in Technology Based Designing?

Using fuchsia is not limited to the designing we do on the computers. The color is popularly used in cake making as well. Where cake artisans use the art of mixing colors and making the right amount of fuchsia to go with the theme they are trying to keep up with.

How to Make Fuchsia Pink in Cake Making and Baking?

Here is an easy tip to make a fuchsia pink physically, not just for baking, but generally even if it is to be done by using oil paints. While for oil paints, there is a high possibility that the color fuchsia already would and should be available.

For baking though,you can use the basics, red and white to make a pink. Adding colors like violet and green or brown, would deepen the color pink, making it more of a fuchsia pink now.

Color Names and Numbers of Shades of Fuchsia for Graphic Designers and Computer Pros

While fuchsia is a mixture of pink and other colors, you might want to keep the options below as a backup plan to the pink you want to use in your design. If you are creating a piece which will be printed, you might want to use the ‘CMYK’ mode, while on the other hand, if what you are going to make is only for the internet and will be used on devices only and will not be printed, you might want to change the mode to ‘RGB’.

If you are new to designing, you must know that what you see on your screen, is a tone lighter than what will be printed. So just as I have been taught, I would suggest, that use a tone lighter of everything that you make on the system that has to be printed, because the color gets slightly burned when it gets printed, making the tone darker. With practice,of course, you would be able to get a hang of this trick.

So here are the colors that are closest to Fuchsia and magenta.

  • The original Fuchsia. To access this color on RGB mode of whatever software you are using to design, you use the color number ‘2550255’. For CMYK, the number is different. It is, ‘010000’
  • Neon Fuchsia, which looks like a mixture of pink with a shade of lime green, making it perfectly bright and arty. To access this shade, you can use the color number ‘25489194’ for RGB mode and for CMYK, it is, ‘065240’.
  • Fashion Fuchsia, another beautiful shade of original fuchsia, can be accessed on the designing systems by using these numbers. For RGB mode, use ‘2440161’ and for CMYK use ‘0100344’.
  • Deep Fuchsia is a darker tone of Fuchsia. For RGB mode, the number for this color is ‘19384193’. The same color is available in CMYK mode as well. The number for  Deep Fuchsia in CMYK is ‘056024’

Are All the Colors Available in both, CMYK and RGB?

For most of the color palette, yes, many colors are available on both the modes. However, there are chances that what you see on the screen and what gets printed has a slight difference.  So be sure of one thing when designing. The screen colors will not be exactly printed. Either they will be lighter, or darker, depending on your printing machine mostly.


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