Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max Could Potentially Be Delayed Until October

We’re less than a week away from Apple’s ‘Wonderlust’ September 12 event, and reports are pouring in talking about how Apple’s top of the line iPhone 15 Pro could face potential delays of up to four weeks.

On Monday, TrendForce published a report citing possible yield issues from Sony, the supplier for Apple’s image sensors. The report specifically mentioned that Apple’s second quarter, which is usually a transition period between older and newer models, has faced a lot of production challenges. Due to these issues, Sony hasn’t been able to keep up with the demand for the ‘CMOS image sensors’.

However, keep in mind that Apple’s production cycle hasn’t been any different this year – it usually follows a set pattern. In the second quarter of every year, they shift down their production gears, and make fewer iPhones since they’re getting ready to launch new models in the fall. This year was no different, as Apple produced 42 million units in the second quarter, which is 21.2% less than what they manufactured in the previous quarter.

Since the iPhone 15 Pro will almost surely use a periscope image sensor for the first time ever, the yield issues can cause the phone to be available in limited quantities at launch, or in the worst case scenario – be entirely delayed for almost four weeks.

While a launch delay might not hurt Apple financially, but looking at the grand scheme of things, their reputation may be damaged, which is something no company wants. This year, and the production of iPhone 15 series hasn’t been the best for Apple, and that is why the company may also raise the prices of their flagship offerings, by a whopping $200.

All of this surely does add up to the building curiosity about the phone’s performance and the features it’ll soon bring to the table. Judging by the rumors and released performance numbers, the iPhone 15 lineup will sure be the competitor that other manufacturers will need to look out for!

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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