Intel Sapphire Rapids-WS Refresh ‘Xeon W3500/W2500’ Series Specifications Leaked

A potential successor to Intel’s Workstation Xeon W3400 and Xeon W2400 series has been in the rumor mill for a while. Initial specifications were leaked by YuuKi_AnS back in November. Today, momomo_us has detailed the entire lineup’s final design plans and specs.

New Workstation CPUs from Intel Inbound: Sapphire Rapids Workstation With Minor Changes

The leap from Sapphire Rapids server to Emerald Rapids was quite substantial on paper. The CPU layout saw a change, alongside the cache count, number of cores, and even the P-Core architecture. The same, sadly, is not the case with the workstation counterpart of Sapphire Rapids-Refresh.

From what we can see, SPR-R WS CPUs pack the same amount of L3 Cache per core as their predecessor. The TDP for some products has increased, though the clock speeds are a mixed bag of both increments and decrements. The memory support is also unaltered, standing at a maximum of DDR5-4800, with an expected 8-channel, 2 DIMMs per channel configuration.

The W-3500 lineup features a total of 7 CPUs, of which the flagship W9-3595X has not been listed. Speaking of the flagship, the 3595X packs 60 cores with a 350W TDP. Apart from that, we have the W9-3575X with 44 cores, a decent improvement over the 3475X which had 36 cores.

Sapphire Rapids-R W-3500 Lineup Specs | momomo_us

Moving over to the W2500 series, the kingpin W7-2595X offers 26 cores in contrast to the w7-2495X’s 24 cores. Matter of fact, all CPUs from the W2500 lineup come with 2 extra cores, which in turn increases the cache count as well. The TDP has also increased, as well as the clock speeds.

Sapphire Rapids-R W-2500 Lineup Specs | momomo_us

The release date of these processors should be extremely close given that the specs are almost finalized. While the differences are nominal at best, SPR-R WS is a drop-in option for the existing Fishhawk Falls platform and will be supported on current W790 series motherboards.

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