Intel Discontinues its NUC (Next Unit of Compute) Lineup of Products

Just now, it has come to light that Intel is planning to abandon its NUC series of products. There were quite a few rumors regarding this, however, ServeTheHome is the first to break the news.

Intel Cancels NUC Products

The report reads that Intel has planned to stop investment in its NUC business unit. For the unaware, Intel, aside from making CPUs and GPUs also made small form factor PCs. Consider them as Mini-PCs that served a wide variety of purposes. It contains everything a normal computer would have but packs it into a small and compact package.

One can use these Mini-PCs for gaming, light content creation and even office work. These NUCs are lightweight and small, making them easy to carry and portable. Now back to the topic, Intel sent out a report confirming that it will no longer invest in its NUC segment.

Intel has decided to stop direct investment in the Next Unit of Compute (NUC) product line…

Intel via servethehome

Andreas Schilling received an official response from team blue which officially confirms the end of Intel’s NUC offerings. The statement reads:

We have decided to stop direct investment in the Next Unit of Compute (NUC) Business and pivot our strategy to enable our ecosystem partners to continue NUC innovation and growth. This decision will not impact the remainder of Intel’s Client Computing Group (CCG) or Network and Edge Computing (NEX) businesses. Furthermore, we are working with our partners and customers to ensure a smooth transition and fulfillment of all our current commitments.

Intel via Andreas Schilling

This indeed is a rather abrupt and unexpected decision by Intel. NUCs were loved by the community thanks to their form factor and applicability. However, consumers complained that they were expensive in contrast to other Ryzen-powered Mini-PCs.

Source: ServeTheHome , Andreas Schilling , Videocardz


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