Specifications for Intel’s ‘Birch Stream’ LGA 7529 Platform Supporting Granite Rapids / Sierra Forest-AP CPUs Leaked

Harukaze recently shared a bilibili post from hardware leaker YuuKi_AnS. The leaker has apparently got their hands on the specifications for Intel’s upcoming LGA 7529 socket-based motherboards. This socket will support the e-core-only Sierra Forest-AP lineup alongside the next-gen Xeon Granite Rapids CPUs.

LGA 7529 Socket Specifications

Firstly, the board will support CPUs having TDPs of up to 500W. This clearly indicates that Granite Rapids, despite being based on Intel 3 and making use of the RWC architecture will consume a lot of power. Again, since performance is expected to scale linearly, we hope to see Granite Rapids give Genoa or even Turin a run for its money.

Next up, the LGA 7529 socket features 12-channel DDR5-6400 memory. That is a significant jump from last-gen. Furthermore, we should see support for up to 96 PCIe Gen 5.0 lanes (6×16).

LGA 7529 ‘Birch Stream’ Platform Specifications | YuuKi_AnS

The next slide has some precautionary measures for workers in regard to ESD hazards. What’s important is that this is probably the first official image of the LGA 7529 socket we’re seeing from Intel. To be more precise, the same leaker shared an in-real-life picture of this socket a while back.

Intel ESD Hazards | YuuKi_AnS

These leaks highlight that Intel is planning to launch Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest as soon as possible. Users should give our previous coverage regarding this topic a read for more information. In any case, it is essential for Intel to release new server products because AMD will eat its lunch with Genoa-X and Bergamo if they fail to respond.


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