Intel is Already Sending Out Arrow Lake-H Samples for R&D Purposes

A cargo manifest reveals that Intel’s Arrow Lake is already in its pre-qualification stage. The manifest lists a few CPUs, one from the Arrow Lake-H lineup for laptops, with 14 cores (6P+8E) built using Intel’s next-generation architectures and GT2 graphics.

Intel Arrow Lake in Transit to Global Centers

The processor description mentions an Arrow Lake-H chip with 6 performance and 8 efficient cores. The CPUs in question are actually reserved for R&D, so it is very probable that we will see actual QS chips soon. Additionally, we’ll be on the lookout for any performance leaks.

It is pertinent to mention that Arrow Lake will harness the power of next-gen Lion Cove and Skymont cores. This, in tandem with the new Intel 20A process node, should result in a notable efficiency improvement.

Cargo Manifest | Harukaze

Moreover, the CPU features GT2 graphics, which is similar to Meteor Lake. For context, Meteor Lake uses the new Xe-LPG+ architecture, which is a low-power derivative of Xe-HPG (Alchemist). However, the important distinction between the two is that Arrow Lake encompasses both desktop and mobile platforms.

CPUs from Arrow Lake-H will have a TDP of 45W, a bit higher than most Meteor Lake offerings apart from the Core Ultra 9 series. Meteor Lake is actually tailored for lightweight laptops and will be superseded by Lunar Lake come 2025.

Release Date

Meteor Lake will launch next month and should be Intel’s main go-to lineup for the majority of 2024. By the end of next year, we should see Arrow Lake, across both laptops and desktops in action. Arrow Lake-H in particular is planned for a very late 2024 launch, with Arrow Lake-HX hitting shelves in 2025.

Intel Mobile Schedule | Golden Pig Upgrade

Upcoming Generations (Rumor)

CodenameProcess NodePerformance Core MicroarchitectureEfficient Core MicroarchitectureRelease DateCores/ThreadsSocket
Raptor Lake (RPL)Intel 7 (10nm)Raptor CoveGracemontLaunched24/32LGA 1700
Raptor Lake Refresh (RPL-R)Intel 7 (10nm)Raptor CoveGracemontLaunched24/32LGA 1700 / Mobile Platform
Raptor Lake U (RPL-U)Intel 7 (10nm)Raptor CoveGracemontLaunched?/?Mobile Platform
Meteor Lake (MTL)Intel 4 (7nm)Redwood CoveCrestmontDecember 202314/20Mobile Platform
Arrow Lake (ARL)Intel 20A (2nm)/TSMC N3BLion CoveSkymontQ4 2424/24LGA 1851
Lunar Lake (LNL)TSMC N3BLion CoveSkymontQ4 24 / H1 258/8?Mobile Platform

Source: Harukaze


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