The Intel 14A ‘1.4nm’ Process May Arrive Sometime in 2026, with 1nm Expected by 2028

Intel has published its plans for future process nodes which include but are not limited to Intel 4, 20A & 18A. There is still a lot of time left before we see these nodes in action. Meteor Lake (14th Generation) is expected to be based on the Intel 4 process. Similarly Arrow Lake and the mobile-only Lunar Lake will feature the 20A and 18A nodes. IMEC has proposed a roadmap for these nodes which gives us some expected time windows.

Future Process Nodes

The Intel 4 process, set to be used in Meteor Lake & Granite Rapids CPUs will be manufactured using EUV technology. Similarly, the Intel 18A and 20A will incorporate the use of new RibbonFET transistors and PowerVia technology. They are said to offer respectable gains in performance over their predecessors. IMEC predicts that the A14 ‘1.4nm’ process will arrive in 2026. Likewise, the 1nm node is also expected by 2028.

Potential Process Node Roadmap | IMEC

It is also mentioned by Mydrivers that after Intel 20A (2nm), team blue will finally have to change equipment. The latest EUV machine being developed is the EXE:5000 series which will enable High NA technology by 2026. Should ASML deliver earlier than this, it may just coincide with Intel’s plans for 20A and 18A.

EUV 0.55 NA Expected Release Date | ASML

But the problem is the increasing cost of EUV lithography machines. Currently, they will cost consumers around $150 Million. However, those prices may just surpass the $400 Million limit with the next-gen technology. Since inflation is also a factor, expect higher prices. This in turn means more development costs for Intel and possibly higher CPU prices, but that’s just mere speculation.

Future Intel Generations

CPU GenerationCodenameProcess NodePerformance Core MicroarchitectureEfficient Core MicroarchitectureArchitectureRelease DateCores/ThreadsSocketMemory Support
13th GenerationRaptor LakeIntel 7 (10nm)Raptor CoveGracemontHybrid (Dual Core)Launched24/32LGA 1700DDR4-3200, DDR5-5600
14th GenerationMeteor LakeIntel 4 (7nm)Redwood CoveCrestmontHybrid (Triple Core)202322/28LGA 1851DDR5-?, LPDDR5x-7500
15th GenerationArrow LakeIntel 20A (2nm)/TSMC 3nmLion CoveSkymontHybrid (Quad Core)202424/32LGA 1851
16th Generation MobileLunar Lake18APanther CoveSkymont/Darkmont2025-268/-
16th Generation DesktopPanther Lake18A?Panther CoveSkymont/Darkmont2025-26LGA 1851
17th GenerationNova LakeRoyal Cove2026+

Source: Mydrivers


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